…didn’t win the Euro-Millions lottery, a-gain…back to the day job then, eh, Mabel?…#TBSU…

…of course, there’s always that little thing about having an income, at least from time to time, that perpetuates much of our labours…food, rent and the odd jaunt to the picture-house are rarely done without cash or the plastic money wand…the rare flutter that tickles your stomach when the lottery ticket numbers are announced, and you have the FIRST one… the subsequent five then bearing no resemblance to the other ciphers on your billet doux…and the nano-second of dreamland dissipates… reality sets in…it’s back to the day job…all is not despair however, if, and I stress ‘IF’…you’re following your ol’ Grandpa’s advice…havin’ a job doin’ somethin’ ye like … I suppose I’ve now come to that point, having  arrived at the literary party kinda late in my career…regular readers of this blog will know what an ancient scribbling mariner I truly am…first ever laptop purchased four years ago to start the debut novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY…the early pink cloud  that attended the astonishing Amazon Kindle success of that and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK  lasted forever…truth be told, it’s still hanging around…however, a more satisfying routine discipline has overtaken my waking hours…I’m a writer…not aspiring’ writer… I kicked the adjective into touch soon after realizing that writers write…I write, ergo I’m a writer … no discussion needed…in the days of ol’ Chuck Dickens and  our pal, Billy Shakespeare, that usually sufficed …no marketing, no sales, no distribution, no web, no television and radio interviews to flog the manuscript to a grateful world …well, Mabel, things have changed…hats of many orders must now be worn…it’s a jiving, jumping, jangling jungle out there…some of what I’ve learned this past while says getting from a standing start the type of exposure J.K Rowling and Lee Child enjoy is akin to the Euro-Million lottery labelled above…the old adage works here …the more you practice at it, and work at it, the luckier ye get… so fellow quill-scrapers, let’s get the sleeves rolled up, best foot forward, out ye go and SELL yersels…meantime, don’t forget to buy yer ticket again this week…ye never know…

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3 responses to “…didn’t win the Euro-Millions lottery, a-gain…back to the day job then, eh, Mabel?…#TBSU…

  1. Needed a touch of hilarity… so look where I found myself!


  2. alan

    very intressting read, keep up the good work matey!!


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