…if Trolls attack yer Blog, confound them by luvin’ the hell out o’ them…#TBSU …

…it won’t have escaped yer notice, Mabel, that I hail from Govan in Glasgow…an area not noted for its gracious handling of dispute…not for us from the docklands area the niceties of gentle persuasion to settle conflict…the famous ‘Glasgow Kiss’... the abrupt coming together of a head butt from the giver’s skull  and the recipients’s nose-bridge area  is well-documented…the adage is, ‘why take months in court, when a swift smack on the mouth renders summary justice more effectively?’…hence, my text today from the Master Gallacher Sunday Pulpit may seem a tad incongruous…HOW TO DEAL WITH TROLLS...if you are on the web for any length of time, sooner or later one of these creatures may surface…no-one has figured out yet any sane reason for them to be alive, other than to cause maximum (and often disgusting) discomfort or outrage to decent people…I was on the receiving end of one such message recently, and my Govan urge boiled up as my instant reaction...I’d rip the bast*ard’s throat out if he/she were in front of me…then, the epiphany landed…the Govan urge is PRECISELY what these vermin want to provoke…what better response then, but to perplex them by doing exactly the opposite?…I replied in the nicest of terms (no, truly, Mabel, I promise you, I did…), wishing them all of the very best things that they could ever wish for themselves…then, I blocked them, so that particular moron’s evil proddings will not bother me again…so there you have it, react by blocking the Troll immediately if you wish, but bouncing back totally in a manner they wouldn’t expect is much more satisfying… and then block them…now, if that particular Troll should ever cross my path in person, revert to the opening of this blog for instruction! …LUV YEEZ …



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14 responses to “…if Trolls attack yer Blog, confound them by luvin’ the hell out o’ them…#TBSU …

  1. Hear, hear! Well said – leave ’em guessing and confused. I’ve done the very same thing. Happy New Year my friend!


  2. janewj

    ha 🙂
    like it! xx


  3. Sounds like something my mom would have said. 🙂


  4. I suggest something along the following lines when responding to a troll, “Thank you for your kind words. It is a pleasure to converse with a person so gifted and articulate. Wishing you all the very best” then block them!


  5. Love the solution. I think I’ll use it on my trolls instead of feeding them well. Thanks for the tip!


  6. Reblogged this on L.LEANDER BOOKS and commented:
    Here’s a great idea to get rid of trolls. It’s a must read for all writers!


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