…yes, m’Lud, I’ve become an avid Blogger..I also plead insanity…but then, I repeat myself, no?…#TBSU…

…munching chocolate M & Ms by the spade-loads…crossing the street AWAY from the traffic lights…watching ANYTHING by Andre Rieu…doing jigsaw puzzles despite knowing that there’s likely some pieces missing…all glaring, blaring signals of abnormality p’raps…further alerts to Matron, and them, you know, them ones wi’ the white coats and stuff…that lunacy lurks within this Scots cranium…the certificate’s hardly ink-dry…the ward secured…and Matron’s syringe primed at the ready…and then to openly admit the next addiction...BLOGGING…help IS at hand, however…apparently there’s gazillions out there wi’ the same complaint…they wanna join up, be part of THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION (#TBSU)…the mantra rolls on, ‘you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch yours’…since the #TBSU began a couple of months ago, I estimate around forty-three billion bloggers have now linked up with the group…well, maybe marginally less than that…BUT, the experience is attracting a lot of you guys and gals out there who enjoy sharing with like-minded quill-scrapers …keep it going, peeps,…LUV YEEZ ALL …all ye have to do is follow each other and pass the names along…all free of any charges…see yeez later…

Blog Scratchers Union


Blogs To Follow:




ENJOY  !!!




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4 responses to “…yes, m’Lud, I’ve become an avid Blogger..I also plead insanity…but then, I repeat myself, no?…#TBSU…

  1. I started pleading insanity shortly after I stopped pleading the Fifth, which was not too far behind pleading the pint. 🙂

    Carry on, you.


  2. By God, I think the Scot’s got something here! But, it can kinda be like having a mad dog by the tail. Don’t let go and always stay behind it. Ah, my! My words sounded so profoundly meaningful to my inner ear before the fingers took over. Now I fear you’ll send your matron my direction! A quick good-bye, my friend.


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