…well, ye could’ve knocked my Blogs off…that wonderful ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ feelin’…#TBSU…

…in a world mired with pessimism, catastrophe, and mealy-mouths …it’s sometimes tricky to maintain my own philosophy that we only have two kinds of day—good days and better days— a good day is when you waken up, even if yer ass is fallin’ off, and ye’re still breathin’ …a better day is any improvement on that…well, for the past few days, the magic of the internet, and the Blogisphere has provided a shine even on the ‘better day’ syndrome…from whatever source (I know  not its provenance), my blog was listed in @skelat.com ‘s short list of ten names for Blogger of the Year Award…that has now been reduced to a final list of THREE which will be voted on before December 31st (nowt to do wi’ the Mayans, eh ?)… lo, and more lo, and even most lo, yours truly’s blog is still in the running…It seems I’ve become the thorn between two roses, new friends, Madeline Dyer and Melodie Ramone, each of whose blogs are WELL WORTH the follow…(see on the list below at Blog Scratchers Corner )…all yeez grand guys and gals who have tumbled aboard THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION (#TBSU) are cordially invited to have a click on the @skelat.com  link once they tell us when we’re all live to vote again …(pending intimation of that as we type)…I am pleased as punch enough just to be in the final count…by all means vote for either of my two splendid companions on the list…we’re ALL winners already in my perspective (view, Mabel, view...)…now, I’m off to chortle away in my cot until Matron arrives wi’ the syringe…cheers …see yeez later …

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs To Follow:






Enjoy, share, reciprocate, pass along.. yeez  know the drill by now…:):)


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6 responses to “…well, ye could’ve knocked my Blogs off…that wonderful ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ feelin’…#TBSU…

  1. jumeirajames

    how do I vote for you?


  2. Anyone maintaining a philosophy of “good days and better days” should win the competition hands-down. No contest, Seumas.


    • Waiting for the site technicians, apparently, tae gie us the go signal..will advise anent, that man ..:):)


    • Hi, Tom… at this point I’m not really looking to the ‘competition’ element of any of this, my friend …it’s a true pleasure to be involved in any kind of recognition for doing something you enjoy being involved in…where I’m coming from these days, it’s allmerely STUFF, if you know what I mean …have a GREAT day, that man .. :):):)


  3. A most worthy–(I’m sorry, my lowercase “L” is stuck and won’t print). Congratu ations, my dear Seumas!


  4. Good for you Seumas. I’m glad you’re in the running for Blogger Of The Year Award. I also like your philosophy on life. I too try to live by the good days, and better days mentality. Try being the keyword there.


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