…#TBSU, #TBSU…to be sure, to be sure..#TBSU, #TBSU…how easy is that, then..?

ask me to recall the line-ups in soccer teams from years ago for specific matches, and I can probably spout them out faultlessly…I can still reel off tons of telephone numbers of even half-known acquaintances in the days before the mobile phone replaced human brain intervention…charts of the chemical elements, nuances of several languages, prime number derivations…no bother at all…BUT, come to trying to fathom what certain sets of initials stand for, and in barges the ‘DUH-WHAT?’ factor…a wordsmith I may pretend to be, a numerate genius perhaps, but an INITIALIST?…regrets, the single-character-letter  science doesn’t seem to register across my little grey cells…I’m the bloke who for years thought ‘V.I.P.’ meant ‘Very Im-Portant’, so go figure…current situation arrives…the emergence this week of THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION, and it’s pelting along famously…Author and Legend In His Own Lunch-Box, John Dolan, invented the hashtag #TBSU... and hey presto, it’s filling the web-waves as we type…now comes the question, how to remember it so we can bang it on to our tweets and stuff? …cometh the hour, cometh the mnemonic-interpretationalist (there’s a phrase you don’t see too often, eh?.. quality on here, Mabel, pure bluudy quality …)…that other splendid Lunch-Box-Famed-Celebrity Author/Blogger, Eric J Gates (@eThillerWriter) says it ‘sounds like’ (charades? this early before Christmas?)…‘T’B’SU’-re, ‘T’B’SU-re... brilliant, Master Gates, brilliant…so there you have it #TBSU (The Blog Scratchers Union), To Be SUre, To Be SUre…we’ll be giving classes on this stuff soon… meantime, while I scuttle away from Matron, here’s today’s batch of bloggers for you to follow, (reciprocate if you feel so inclined..) …

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs for you to follow:












Enjoy  …


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7 responses to “…#TBSU, #TBSU…to be sure, to be sure..#TBSU, #TBSU…how easy is that, then..?

  1. ROTFL, Seumas. I often look up the initials on the Internet. My problem is those phone numbers you never forget–and I never remember. I think I can be forgiven for scrambling my cell phone number since I never call it, but my son’s? My sister’s?


  2. For those dullards amongst us (i.e. all of us) who have difficulty remembering ‘The Blog Scratchers Union’ is #TBSU perhaps it would be easier to think of it as ‘Twitter Bloggers Support Union’ #TBSU

    Others, depending on their persuasion, may prefer ‘Tits, Bums, Silk Underwear’ #TBSU

    Or ‘This Bloody Stupid Uberhashtag’ #TBSU (our German colleagues might like this one)

    It’s really just a question of taste, or lack thereof.

    I would suggest whoever comes up with the best mnemonic should win a prize – like a free session with a psychiatrist of his choice***

    *** terms and conditions apply. Winner must be accompanied to the session by all four grandparents (whether living or dead)


  3. ..some of us regularly had more than 4 grandparents, the deaths of which on a programmed basis were reasons for days of work to attend their funerals …..


  4. Will have the #TBSU link on my website shortly – thanks for all the awesome blogs to follow!


  5. To Be Sure I am honored to become part of The Blog Scratchers Union! Look forward to using the hashtag & and look forward to fiddling around in the blogs added to The Corner!


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