…I’m not as think as people drunk I am…it’s just the Blog Scratchers spinnin’ my skull…#TBSU

…now look what we’ve gone and done, Mabel…I’m not sure my ol’ laptop can handle this…ever since we nudged an idea out there this week about gals and blokes helping each other on blog-following…we’ve had more hits than a mile-wide bull’s-eye…who’d ‘ave thought?…for those who haven’t been lambasted by it yet, the thing is so simple as to be embarrassing…‘you scratch my blog, and I scratch yours’…stick on the bottom of each of your posts for a while a batch of names of good peeps that you follow and vice versa…it seems tons of us love to follow and share, but how to find great blog names easily?…what better way than word of blog?…Call your list ‘The Blog Scratchers Corner’, then sit back and wait for the lovin’…from Adelaide to Arkansas and Armenia…from Zanzibar to Zeeland and Zamboanga…and lots of lovely locales alliterating in-between…they’re pilin’ in, and it’s GREAT FUN…if you wanna check out the original ‘kick-starter’, check out my last coupla blogs and you’ll get the hang of it…Listen, Uncle Fred, if Master Gallacher can do it, EMB’DY can do it…What? show don’t tell? now , there’s an original concept for scribblers, eh? here y’are then:

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs to follow




acrosstheplainofshiningbooks,blogspot.com        (Pat McDermott)

devilsreview.co.uk                                                             (Edward G Gordon)







Follow as you please, and it does no harm to  reciprocate a la BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION idiom…

May yer blogs go with yeez…


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15 responses to “…I’m not as think as people drunk I am…it’s just the Blog Scratchers spinnin’ my skull…#TBSU

  1. Dammit Seumas, this thing’s going viral. I’ve decided to appoint myself as the U.A.E. Scratchers Local Union Treasurer (SLUT). Just in case there turns out to be any money in it


  2. Your link to Susan Buchanan is wrong….here’s the right one http://www.susancbuchanan.blogspot.co.uk . I have suggested before that you take more water with it!!


    • You spotted the artist’s non-deliberate mistake, that man.. they don’t call you Steely-Eyed Peters for nowt, eh… error duly corrected,, self flagellation and remorse in quantum dollops being applied as we type …


  3. I beat you to the punch by already following you, m’sieur. You’re the kind we got to keep an eye on anyway (o_O)…


  4. Hi Seumas. We’ve been following each other’s blog for a few months now – thanks so much for mentioning me here – really appreciate it! 🙂


  5. What’s up you crazy, Scotsman? I love this idea! So where do I go to sign on the dotted line?


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