…I’m claiming copyright on a new phrase, ‘blog-scratching’…the trendiest itch in town…#TBSU

…there’s no way of telling, is there?…plonk a few bucks down on the spin of a roulette wheel and you could leave the Casino with more money than a politician’s slush fund…cop a few raffle tickets and hey presto, who knows, you might win a brand new mousetrap…who can fathom it ?…two days ago my blog piece was about reciprocation for we scribblers in helping each other to support our various efforts with our blogs…I referred to it as ‘you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch your blog…’…Wonder of wonders, that post has received MORE HITS in a single day than anything I’ve lobbed on to  here in the last 6 months…to quote the phrase bandied around every year at the Oscars ..’YOU LIKE IT !! YOU LIKE IT !!’…seems like more than a mere few out there have the same desire…to help each other get traction at the blogworks…so, Master Gallacher’s scheme to take over the Blog Universe moves to its cunning Phase Two...I’m claiming copyright on the phrase  ‘blog-scratching’... not for any personal gain, y’unnerstan’… but to afford us all some protection lest someone like, sshhh FB, comes along and bans it as ‘poking’ and slams us all in FB jail for even discussing it…I’m not one for pushing myself in to positions of power, nonetheless I am selflessly declaring my new post as PRESIDENT OF THE BLOG-SCRATCHERS UNION…here’s how it’s gonna work…come in a bit and listen carefully…in each post that I stick on here for the forseeable future, there’ll be a small section, Blog Scratchers Corner…I will list in there a few blogs which I follow, and vice versa…I invite you to start following them also, and continue the ‘viral’ effect…some will be to your taste, others not…choose to join up with those you please…FEEDBACK ON THIS WORLD-MOVING INITIATIVE will be much appreciated…as Adam said in the Garden of Eden…’I can’t do this alone y’know, luv…’…so before Matron whacks me, here’s the first batch of ten goodies:

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs to follow













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29 responses to “…I’m claiming copyright on a new phrase, ‘blog-scratching’…the trendiest itch in town…#TBSU

  1. Paul D Brazill is a good one…..the rest I’m unfamiliar with, so I’ll try one or two. I’m just a Goodreads blogger at the moment…..,must organise myself a proper one, and a website….and a multi-million pound publishing deal….and a girlfriend….and lunch….


    • The whole idea is to try to take the pain out of acquiring what many of us would like ( whether we admit it or not ) in terms of some critical mass in name recognition…all part of the GRAND PLAN, Master Peters,,


  2. roylmurry425

    Seumas Gallacher: You don’t want scratch me?


  3. Thank you kindly sir! I will duly follow all xxx


  4. A great, mutual, back-scratching idea. Brilliant in its simplicity. (Hopefully, this unbiased, unvarnished endorsement will get mine ranked somewhere in the top 250 . . .)


    • You;ll be included, OF COURSE, that man.. but I think there is some merit in this .. we don’t need to follow everyone,… but speaking for myself, i try assiduously to support and follow others, and it’s probably easier to follow pals of pals ,, more likely to be empathetic, :):)


  5. Love the phrase! Thanks for including me – some great blogs here and I’ve followed them all.


  6. This is a fabulous idea, Seumas, and it’s already working for me. I have in just in the last day received new followers for my blog. And, of course, as a member of the blog-scratcher’s union, I’m happy to follow them back.

    Thank you for putting me on the list, and keep up the good work!


  7. kimcox37

    Thank you, Seumas! Wonderful idea and I feel honored to be included in the first batch of buddies. Look forward to discovering some new bloggers and I followed everyone above with the exception of http://paulDBrazill.com. It kept giving me an error. Thanks again for the inclusion. Happy Tuesday. Oh and I posted my response to the Liebster Award. All the best.


  8. Brilliant idea indeed, Seumas! Now I get some good list on who to follow, love it!


  9. What a pure dead brilliant idea, Seumas! Thanks for including me/us 🙂 I have followed all and will make sure to keep checking in for the next ten and the ten after that and the ten …


  10. Seumas, I like your choice of music that you post on Fb! I was doing the same thing last year. You’ve got me started again. I posted a couple last night,


  11. night7flyer

    I think this is all just Seumas’ master scheme to take over the universe. Next thing you know, we’ll all be wearing kilts. 😛


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