…you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch yours…the ultimate pipe-dream…#TBSU

…applied mathematics is not your usual guest dinner table chit chat…unless you’re part of the Einstein round-robin party circle…Having foregone countless  invitations ad nauseum to such august numerate society, I am, alas, reduced to scratching my own grey cells in pursuit of arithmetic mysteries… coupled with the perpetual salepersons’ pitch of “Buy one, Get one Free” an idea has floated through what’s left of my brain…humour me here for a coupla seconds won’t you?…think on this…one gets one, makes two..two get two, makes four, four get four makes sixteen…by the time you’ve gone less steps than you’ll find in Dancing with the Stars, you’re at something like 75 billion get 75 billion makes infinite trillions…now here’s the ploy…for anybody  who’s looking to expand their blog followers base, ( No. No. I don’t mean me…really, I don’t—[who’s he kidding?])…it’s staring us right in the face…bloggers get bloggers…tweeters get tweeters…Facebookers get… well, Facebookers get slammed in Facebook jail for trying this stunt, so steer clear of them for the minute… the Universal Virtual Web-by Cooperative makes it possible to say ‘Hi!’ and discuss your breakfast menu with huge slugs of the Earth’s population all at one time…so the Master Gallacher Master Plan to take over the Blogging World is simple…you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch yours…the ultimate pipe-dream…With Uncle Fred and Auntie Mabel and our extended family relations that should get me to about four and half …add in the lady at Tesco’s checkout and the janitor in our building, and hey, we’re starting to get some traction here…I’ve started tapping into at least a half a dozen to a dozen new blogs per day…it’s NOT difficult to find great bloggers out there…and the reciprocation (posh word for scratch my, etc etc..) is brilliantly gratifying…just an idea, guys and gals…use it if you please…I charge nothing…you’re welcome…Aha! the syringe-bearing Matron approaches?…I wonder how many blog followers she’s worth …see you later…



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14 responses to “…you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch yours…the ultimate pipe-dream…#TBSU

  1. night7flyer

    I’m already following your blog. 😛 Are you following mine? 😀 If I scratch your blog, do i have to sniff it, too? lol!


  2. Yup, already been getting your posts on Flying with Broken wings, M’Lady :):0 sniff away at your leisure :):)


  3. robitille

    As a MacPherson (by way of Grandmother dearest) I know better than to scratch – or handle a cat. 😉 But I still follow your blog – gotta love a guy in a kilt, especially if there’s a good murder mystery involved. 🙂


  4. You’re a good man, Seumas. Need a ride home from the big house?


    • Every time they give me a ride home from the Big House, it’s with darkenened windows and things that keep me tied to the walls of the van.. strange that .. but bring ice cream, lots of ice cream.. that’ll be good .. :):)


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  6. Hello Seumas,
    I scratched your blog, so please scratch mine at http://www.annmullen.blogspot.com (I love the idea of scratching blogs that you came up with.) Look forward to more of your posts. I’m quite sure I follow you on Twitter, but I’ll check. Enjoyed surfing your blog. Ann Mullen


    • Cheers, Ann,, Am trying to figure out how ensure I’m clicking the right line to get to follow yours.. I c’ve clicked on the line at the bottom of your post page that says “Atom (posts)’, but can’t seem to get any joy.. However, I’m SUCH a dummy on the computer , I’ll keep trying !

      cheers again//:):)


  7. Consider yourself scratched! Love bloggers helping bloggers! Xoxo.


  8. Thanks, Seumas, for following my blog…
    Just curious…have you been to Dolan’s dungeon? And, is it true that he always beats you at arm wrestling?


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