…hey, Mama, I think I can see Scotland from up here…

My ol’ Gran’Pappy was probably the politest man I ever knew…he just polite-ed the heck out of everybody he met…opened doors for ladies, walked on the outside of the pavement when escorting women down the street, you know the kind of thing… well, the biggest thing I think I ever learned from him was to say “Thank You” when it was right to do so. It’s now right to do so. At the risk of embarrassing some people on here ( and take my word, there’s no one more adept in a lifetime’s practice at it ), some formal Gran’Pappy style doffing of the cap is coming up. Most authors run the masochistic marathon of actually writing, solo, but when the baby’s born, it needs the help and collaboration of many others, especially in the e-Universe that still baffles me ( if anybody can explain to me exactly how to use Goodreads, please write that on the back of a hundred dollar bill and send it to me at the usual address). My social networking poison of choice ranges from Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and the aforementioned enigmatic Goodreads. The avalanche of help and support that my humble efforts have attracted over the last several months is the stuff of dreams. The spirits in their majesty are never bested by the wonderful email-giggler that is @ogtomes. Equally, authors old and new, have a dabble at the penmanship of @jay_squires, the brother hug-manship of @AndyHolloman, and the sheer RT-ing and self-effacing energy of @scarberryfields. I defy you to find any stronger examples of giving back to the industry we all love. Reflect and emulate them and you’ll have a sense of the true family that exists in this sometime never-world of cyberspace. It has taken me a biblical threescore years plus to get here, but as sure as apples is apples, I ain’t budging away any time soon. You see far by standing on the shoulders of giants they say… how about standing on the shoulders of giants, who themselves are already standing on the shoulders of giants?…hey, Mama, I think I can see Scotland from up here…my,my, all that elevation’s making me a bit giddy…I better go lie down for a bit…besides, I can hear them coming with the medication now…talk to you later…


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4 responses to “…hey, Mama, I think I can see Scotland from up here…

  1. Okay. It has been at least ten minutes and…..are you sitting down? I don’t have any words……… that is the kindest most endearing ‘thank you’ and you have made your ol’ ‘Gran Pappy’ proud! Now where are my tissues!


  2. Well, you didn’t embarrass me, friend, but you did humble me. And, I’m counting on you to get a handle on Goodreads and then pass it on to me. I’m as befuddled as you — and, truth be known — I’m sure most everyone else.

    Keep producing great posts like this, Seumas, and you’ve got a fan for life. I may not see Scotland, but I can see entertainment from here!



  3. Cheers, that man… have a great week … :):):)


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