Here is my interview with Seumas Gallacher

…the wonderful Fiona Mcvie carries a piece on yours truly today.. many thanks , m’Lady 🙂



Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Hello, Fiona. First of all, many thanks for letting me revisit. I normally don’t get asked back a second time anywhere.

I’m Seumas Gallacher, self-named ‘ol’Scots Jurassic scribbler’ which puts me certainly above the legal age to be a writer.

Fiona: Where are you from?

Born in Docklands, Govan in Glasgow

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

Government junior school until age 12. Then won a scholarship to a fee-paying school, which meant the fees were taken care of. Almost never went, ‘coz my Ma told the headmaster of the primary school we couldn’t afford the school uniforms. The headmaster paid for it for three years from his own pocket. Won a second three–year…

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…old paper comics… the genesis of my reading habit…

…there are many modern innovations, I s’pose, for which the WURLD can be thankful, such as mobile telephones, iPads, Smartphones and the whole range of electronic communication devices which seem to have become transplanted parts of our anatomy… I see children in push carts playing with cartoon images on tiny screens… teenagers in clusters, each oblivious to the other, noses pronged into their wifi-laden machines… older, allegedly more mature people, congregated around dinner tables, constantly flicking the ‘light-up’ switch, every five minutes, while lending pretence to communal conversation… and I think back to when we, of a certain age, were children… none of these ‘insta-plug-me-into-the rest-of my-virtual-planet’ gizmos existed back then… we played games in the street… exercised all day (although we didn’t call it that) until darkness beckoned us home for supper… no need for text messages to bring us back…

…and we had comics… in the UK, there were the weekly editions of The Beano, The Dandy, and The Topper, where we saw ourselves reflected in the activities of the Bash Street Kids, Beryl the Peril, Dennis the Menace, Korky the Kat, and Desperate Dan (none of yer McDonald’s rubbish for him – mega-kilo cow pies instead, with hooves and horns still protruding from the top of the pastry)…

…and I can’t help but think present day children are missing so much… I recall being absorbed in these comics… and yes, I know they weren’t loaded with strictly grammatically correct literature… but my acquired sense of onomatopoeia must surely have benefited from reading such embellishments as ‘Kapowee!’, ‘Boooooooooom!’, ‘Kerplunnkk!‘ and many such other unmistakable WURDS

…also, never amongst those pages do I recall ever noticing any nastiness in the storylines… there was more of a slapstick humour nature to it all… but all the participants, apart from any occasional ‘bullies’, fared well… and the basic takeaway is that I believe my reading habit was helped, not hindered by immersion in that WURLD… emb’dy else feel the same way?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Update – Amy M. Reade, Seumas Gallacher and Nicholas Rinth

…dear, dear friend, Sally Cronin’s blog this week carries focus on three of we friends of hers (and hopefully, of yours)… as usual, Sally’s wonderful generosity in supporting others shines through … thank you, m’Lady 🙂


Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the Friday cafe and bookstore update and we have some great new books to add to the shelves. The first is Highland Peril by Amy M. Reade which was published on 5th September.

About Highland Peril

Trading the urban pace of Edinburgh for a tiny village overlooking a breathtaking blue loch was a great move for budding photographer Sylvie Carmichael and her artist husband, Seamus—until a dangerous crime obscures the view . . .

Sylvie’s bucolic life along the heather-covered moors of the Highlands is a world away from the hectic energy of the city. But then a London buyer is killed after purchasing a long-lost Scottish masterpiece from Seamus’s gallery—and the painting vanishes. As suspicion clouds their new life, and their relationship, Sylvie’s search for answers plunges her into an unsolved mystery dating back to Cromwellian Scotland through World War I and beyond. And as she moves…

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…Authoress, Lucinda E. Clarke launches AMIE, CUT FOR LIFE… well worth a read…

…I never fail to be attracted to the WURK of writers who’ve ‘been there, done it, and got the T-shirt’... especially when there’s a serious slant included, a reflection on the human condition… my dear friend, Authoress, m’Lady, Lucinda E. Clarke, has a new book launching on September 30th, AMIE, CUT FOR LIFE, which is well worth yer time to have a wee peek at… let her tell yeez about it:

When I set out to write about my heroine in Africa, battling against all kinds of horrific people, wild animals and the rather unnecessary requirements to consume food and drink in the middle of the bush, I was surprised by the reactions from readers. A lot of things I took for granted, having lived in Africa for almost four decades, were unfamiliar to many. I’d hoped to showcase Africa as I saw it – wild – harsh – cruel – the cheapness of life on the one side and the warm – friendly – wonderful – unselfish people and the amazing wildlife on the other.

I wanted to share my experiences and balance them against what the media tells the rest of the world (and we all know about fake news, and carefully angled cameras).

In Amie book 1, I covered the outbreak of a civil war, in book 2 she comes up against ISIS and in book 3 Amie is coerced by her own people into becoming a spy and gets involved in arms dealing.

I had a good think before I began to write book 4 before deciding that I would tackle a subject seldom talked about openly, that of FGM.  This cruel and brutal procedure is still widely practiced in Africa and this time Amie is called on to protect four little girls who’ve been caught up in an international sex trade with a twist.

Some series tend to fall flat as they continue, the Amie series gets better with each instalment. – Amazon customer.

I am absolutely loving this series! I am so immersed, it amazes me when I do look up not to see any giraffes out my window.  Mary Nickell

Up on pre-order now at only $/£0.99 – publication September 30th, it’s not a huge risk to take?  

And if you want to meet Amie at the start of her adventures you can find her here  also at $/£0.99 the special introductory price.

…thanks, m’Lady, Lucinda… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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… ‘ad infernum aste slumberum victoriat’… yeez can’t beat a good hot water bottle…

…during conversation last night at dinner with some good friends here in the Middle East, where the current daytime temperature approaches 46 degrees Celsius — or 115 degrees Fahrenheit in old money — the topic sum’how arose of winter-time heating in Scotland… one lady in the party hails from that same good country as myself… we seemed to share similar experiences growing up, in council houses and slum apartments which boasted neither heaters nor air conditioning units… these were represented simply by ‘windows’, (and not of the  laptop variety)… my comedic God, Master Billy Connolly has often referred to his own infancy and youth in Glasgow’s Partick area, similar to my Docklands Govan upbringing, where coats substituted as extra blankets when the temperature in our bedroom dropped from ‘merely freezing’ to ‘arctic survival test’ levels… the Govan and Partick Scots, however, were not without deliverance… rubber hot-water bottles saved the day (or more correctly, saved the night)……when I was old enuff to be trusted to fill these before bedtime with boiling water, the trick was to avoid finger-scalding from the splash-back as the water gurgled into the thing… then a towel or dishcloth applied tightly to the corkscrewed plug to ensure no leakage in the bed… really posh versions resembled ceramic pigs, wrapped in wee woollen cardigans to prevent toes and soles from heat blisters…

…heaven forfend if yeez ever had to share the bed with any of yer siblings… the squabbles to monopolise the water bottle resulted in more smacks across the bum from exhausted parents trying to sleep in the next bed (or, again, if yeez were really posh, trying to sleep in the next bedroom)… the eventual purchase of electric blankets was the way of slumbertime progress, I s’pose, but NUTHIN could beat the comfort of hugging a good water bottle or a little jersey-encased piggy-bottle… see yeez later, LUV YEEZ!



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…we come in with NUTHIN, and we leave with NUTHIN, ‘cept the mem’ries…


…I harbour no misconception about competing with the philosophers of the ages… but every now and then, I get to enjoy ‘retiring to the back of my own mind and there being content to muse and ponder’… (pinched, and paraphrased that from Master Einstein. A.)… and I’ve been doing some of that in the past few days… last week, I shared with my Web friends the intent to publish on Auntie Amazon Kindle a wee collection (a score of poems to be precise) punched out of my head over the past ‘pick-a-large-number’ of years … the idea was, and is, to preface each poem with the story behind its creation… this met with enthusiastic response and frankly, unexpected, encouragement from many sources… and here’s what’s happened, again to my surprise… the digging back through all those decades for some of the verses has triggered several glorious mem’ries… mem’ries of people, of places, of romances, of tragedies, of delight, of disasters, trials and triumphs… it’s as if the poems encapsulate chapters of certain stages of my life… from my teens, WURKING and living in the gloriously beautiful Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides… to a stint as a Trainee Master of the Financial Universe in the Lombard Street banking  district in London… travelling halfway around the WURLD in pursuit of an amazing career in the Far East and now in the Middle East… and, with no trace of sadness, coming to terms with the irrefutable fact… we come in with NUTHIN, and we leave with NUTHIN, ‘cept the mem’ries… today, my life is not perfect, (whose is?) nor should I ever expect it to be, but in comparison to the dreadfully harsh hand dealt to so many others around the globe at present (viz: Texas, Louisiana, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Africa, sea-bound migrant refugees, and millions of others), to complain is odious… I’m glad to feel at ease… to be at peace with whatever lot I’m given… and all this just from raking back through some old scraps of poetry… ah, Life can be very quirky at times… thank you for reading thus far… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…Marjorie Mallon… poet and authoress extraordinaire… come, be entranced…

…I’m delighted, and more than a tad intrigued by the upcoming launch of THE CURSE OF TIME – BOOK ONE – BLOODSTONE from the pen of Author and poet, Marjorie Mallon… read on and yeez’ll see why…  but first, here’s m’Lady, Marjorie to elaborate:

Thank you to Seumas Gallacher for inviting me to guest post on his blog today to celebrate the release of my debut novel The Curse of Time #1 Bloodstone – A middle grade/YA fantasy set in Cambridge, UK. The kindle copy launches on Amazon, Saturday 26th August and I’ll be having an online party to celebrate on my blog, Facebook and social media.

I’d like to share with you two of my passions: my debut book and my love of poetry.

I started writing poetry several years ago encouraged by author Ronovan Writes poetry challenge I’m indebted to Ronovan for reminding me just how much I love reading and writing poetry! His challenges rekindled my love of poetry. Since then I have written numerous haiku and Tanka. More recently, I’ve participated in my lovely friend Colleen Chesebro’s – weekly poetry challenge. I’ve become such a fan of the haiku and Tanka form that I decided to add numerous pieces of micro poetry to my novel. Each chapter or puzzle piece as I call them begins with a short piece of poetry or a Tanka poem followed by prose.

I’ve penned several additional pieces of poetry (not included in the novel) with my book launch in mind.

There are four in particular that I’ve selected for this post, I hope you enjoy!

The first two explore themes in the novel that fascinate me: secrets, confessions, mirrors, a curse, and of course the principal theme of the novel, a subject that continues to intrigue me – time.




















These last two poems hint at light and shadows, power, hypnotism and alluring eyes, all of which play an important part in The Curse of Time.

There is a mysterious and handsome male lead protagonist in the novel that may or may not be plagued by smoke.

Or, it could all be a confusing smoke screen! I advise you to read the book to find out more and if you like/love The Curse of Time (and I hope you do!) please tap away on your keyboard, mobile phone or device and write a review on sites such as Goodreads and Amazon, etc. Reviews are like magical gold dust to authors, they don’t have to be long, time consuming or elaborate. In fact like my dear friends the haiku and Tanka a few well-chosen words can mean so much.

Photography credit: My daughter Georgina Mallon.

Male model: J English.

…and now, to the book launch:

On Amelina Scott’s thirteenth birthday, her father disappears under mysterious circumstances. Saddened by this traumatic event, she pieces together details of a curse that has stricken the heart and soul of her family.

Amelina longs for someone to confide in. Her once carefree mother has become angry and despondent. One day a strange black cat and a young girl, named Esme appear. Immediately, Esme becomes the sister Amelina never had. The only catch is that Esme must remain a prisoner, living within the mirrors of Amelina’s house.

Dreams and a puzzling invitation convince Amelina the answer to her family’s troubles lies within the walls of the illusive Crystal Cottage. Undaunted by her mother’s warnings, Amelina searches for the cottage on an isolated Cambridgeshire pathway where she encounters a charismatic young man, named Ryder. At the right moment, he steps out of the shadows, rescuing her from the unwanted attention of two male troublemakers.

With the help of an enchanted paint set, Amelina meets the eccentric owner of the cottage, Leanne, who instructs her in the art of crystal magic. In time, she earns the right to use three wizard stones. The first awakens her spirit to discover a time of legends, and later, leads her to the Bloodstone, the supreme cleansing crystal which has the power to restore the balance of time. Will Amelina find the power to set her family free?

THE CURSE OF TIME – BOOK ONE – BLOODSTONE is a YA/middle grade fantasy set in Cambridge, England exploring various themes/aspects: Light, darkness, time, shadows, a curse, magic, deception, crystals, art, poetry, friendships, teen relationships, eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, depression, family, puzzles, mystery, a black cat, music, a mix of sadness, counterbalanced by a touch of humour.


…m’Lady, Marjorie is a debut author who has been blogging for three years: Her interests include writing, photography, poetry, and alternative therapies. She writes Fantasy YA, middle grade fiction and micro poetry – haiku and tanka. She loves to read and has written over 100 reviews:
Her alter ego is MJ – Mary Jane from Spiderman- she loves superheroes! Marjorie was born on the 17th of November in Lion City: Singapore, (a passionate Scorpio, with the Chinese Zodiac sign a lucky rabbit,) second child and only daughter to her proud parents Paula and Ronald. She grew up in a mountainous court in the Peak District in Hong Kong with her elder brother Donald. Her parents dragged her away from her exotic childhood and her much loved dog Topsy to the frozen wastelands of Scotland. In bonnie Edinburgh, Marjorie mastered Scottish country dancing, and a whole new Och Aye lingo.
As a teenager she travelled to many far-flung destinations to visit her abacus-wielding wayfarer dad. It’s rumoured that she now lives in the Venice of Cambridge, with her six foot hunk of a Rock God husband, and two enchanted daughters. After such an upbringing, she claims her author’s mind has taken total leave of its senses! When not writing, she eats exotic delicacies while belly dancing, or surfs to the far reaches of the moon. To chill out, she practices Tai Chi. If the mood takes her, m’Lady, Marjorie snorkels with mermaids, or signs up for idyllic holidays with the Chinese Unicorn, whose magnificent voice sings like a thousand wind chimes.
…I know yeez will want to know even more about this fascinating Lady… here’s how:
Marjorie’s Links:

My Amazon UK Author Page

My Amazon US Author Page

My Amazon Canada Author Page

My blog – for information about new releases, photos of main characters/character interviews, book reviews and inspiration:

My New Facebook Group #ABRSC: Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club on Facebook:

Instagram: Instagram:

Twitter: @Marjorie_Mallon and Twitter: @curseof_time

Facebook: Facebook: m j mallon author

Tumblr: Tumblr: mjmallonauthor

Marjorie has devoted the past few years to writing over 100 reviews on her Goodreads Review Account, and on her blog to help support traditional and indie writers.

…what a LUVLY great supporter of all the rest of we scribblers … thanks for sharing, m’Lady, Marjorie
…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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