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… ‘come… dance with me,’ she said…

… ‘come …dance with me,’ she said… that was 46 years ago… we were living in Tobermory on the beautiful Scottish Hebridean Island of Mull… I recall it today as if it were only hours ago… have a wee look at the date on this piece I came across in my papers while I was searching for sum’thing else… of course, I danced with her… and in the full fury of teenage indulgence, fell completely under her spell… prob’ly my first ever real immersion in the twin joys of Love and Heartache of youth… then, just as swiftly, she moved out of my life… but I still have this collection of WURDS I penned for her… when I read it again this morning, strangely, across all the decades, it felt good… it felt warm… and it felt right to share it with yeez…

… ‘come… dance with me,’ she said…



A kindly evening breeze

blows its welcome cool

where damp, perspiring beads

their burning course have run.


Mirrored with mercuric detail,

the coil of tousled hair,

and cheeks,

flushed with fast and furious flurry

reflect happily the history

of a hurly-burly, flinging reel

and the execution quite profound

they called a strip-the-willow.


The same cool air

sends a shiver

through the muffled avenue

of leaf-laden birches

which dance in simulation

to an earlier, pleasing version

that blessed a saintly waltz,

copied by ages through ages,

then by us.


The wind in spasmodic gusts

whips lightly at the branches

and a vision becomes reborn.


Now feel again the polka

dashing fire to the heart.


Thankful breath recalls how,

tempered with these,

the subdued Pride of Erin

rests its stamp.


Still, a daring foxtrot

leaves its poignant memory

to a happy, tired legacy

and another wild thing is dead.


Seumas Gallacher

September 1969


… ‘come… dance with me,’ she said… so, there yeez go…I danced… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger…

Master John Donne declared that ‘no man is an island’… and that makes superb metaphorical sense to this ol’ Jurassic… particularly as the weeks, months and years of my own sojourn on Auntie Internet have begun to tally up… who’da thunk when I became part of the vast universal quill-scrapers’ family that my relationships on here would have developed into such amazing friendships too?… apart from the occasional misguided troll, who really needs to get a life, a healthy, vibrant SOSYAL NETWURKIN communications system exists at so many levels when yeez join in this informal Writers Union… competition amongst Authors themselves is invisible as far as my perception goes… the opposite, in fact, has been my continual experience… when it comes to launch-yer-latest-wee-masterpiece time, an incredible army of supporters, literary cheerleaders, with and without pom-poms, switches into gear… ReTweeters carry yer ‘new-baby’ notice across the wires… Facebook ‘Launch Parties’ klaxon the introduction of yer run at the Nobel Prize for Literature candidacy… Guest Post-ees proliferate… yer cover pages, bios, purchase links, and all manner of ‘help-sell-yer-wares’ leg-ups kick into overdrive… it matters not a jot should yeez be independent self-publishing scribblers, or Publishing House stablemates… on here, if yeez are Authors yeez are my pals at any rate… and I know thousands of others have an open-door policy for others to hitch a promotional ride… it’s the best ‘bookish’ club on the planet… and if yeez aren’t a ticket-holder already, grab one now… announcing to all and sundry once again, my open season on receiving emb’dy’s request for help in ‘getting it out there’… email yer stuff to me on seumasgallacher@yahoo.com… yeez see that Author pal of mine over there?… he ain’t heavy… he’s my Blogger… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…how one ol’ Jurassic Writer approaches Reviews for fellow Authors’ WURKS…


…I indulge in reviewing other Authors’ masterpieces for a few reasons…

1. …I can learn from the good stuff I see in the style, content and flow from other scribblers…

2. …I can learn from the not-so-good stuff I see in the style, content and flow from other scribblers…

3. …it’s part of my desire to ‘pay it forward’ as a universal ‘thanks’ for the generosity this whole writing gig has afforded me since day one…

4. …engaging with fellow quill-scrapers of all JONGRRs broadens my own SOSYAL NETWURKIN reach

5. …reciprocal reviews do occur occasionally, but that’s not why I undertake the reviews that I do… these are bonus reviews when they do come back on my own stuff…

…my approach has also distilled over these few years, inasmuch as I tend not to delve too much into the plot of any book I review, but will focus on the single most important element to me… ‘did it entertain me?’… of course, it’s a cardinal sin to give ‘spoilers’ in any review, and even by accident, these are much to be avoided… the ‘did it entertain me?’ bit is vital, coz I’ve kept an open mind as far as not blocking any JONGRR, as stated above, and have read (and enjoyed!) terrific WURKS outside of my usual reading comfort zone… these have included romance, paranormal, erotic, faery, and gothic labels among others, all of which have provided some excellent, entertaining reads…

…downside in being a reviewer?… the singular, most common demerit is in being an Author oneself, and having been immersed these last several years in editing, proof reading, and receiving critiques on one’s own (brilliant, of course!) tomes, it’s all too easy to spot the ‘usual suspects’ that once littered my own writing, until gradually expunged… the ‘weasel WURDS’… the overuse of gerunds to start sentences, (‘verb-y, doing’ WURDS ending in’-ing’, Mabel)… the disease of over-adverbalism… static, stilted dialogue… 

…mindful of all of the above, my congratulations stand continually solid for emb’dy who completes their book… all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who’ve been-there,-done-that,-and-got-the-T-shirt, will appreciate how much effort, blood, sweat, tears, and laptop-fatigue is invested in any scribbling…


…one last thought… reviews by very definition are simply another person’s opinion…and not everybody’s gonna LUV my stuff or yer own stuff… I only ever publish reviews where I feel a four-star or five-star rating is deserved… less than that, I do not post the review… my fellow Authors are family, what’s the point in needlessly kicking them?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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…here’s a terrific idea from Author pal, Bobby Madigan… get yer smiles out!…

…the beauty of running Guest Post pieces and invitations for, well just for stuff, on this blog is that there’s no end to the marvellous material that comes my way… my great pal, Author, Poet, Blogger, Bobby Madigan wants to see and hear more laughter… (applause from the back, c’mon, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land)… let him tell yeez himself:



I want to expand the discussion of military life. We hear a good bit of the grit, struggle, and sacrifice of military service. There are many accounts of the pageantry and gallantry. Copious opinions and positions have been registered on the political realities of wartime. All of these accounts seem to lose some of the humanity of service members. When I think back to my time in the service, my first recollections are of the funny, the foolish, the “head scratching” moments. I think of practical jokes and absurd assignments, like sweeping the tarmac in a sandstorm (This really happened). I am hoping to do my part to add a little levity. I did seven years in the U.S. Air Force, there were plenty of moments of laughter and comradery that bonded us as a unit. Really, I hope to bring a smile our two for people who can identify with this lifestyle.


The Madigan Military Award

$50.00 Prize, no submission fee. 

**Opens April 15, 2015**

GUIDELINES: Humorous true stories about military service; yes, we can laugh about it.. Out Loud.
Open to all branches of the service, all nationalities, spouses, and children of service members.

Starting date:  April 15, 2015.  Ending date:  May 15, 2015.

Email submission to: madiganlit@gmail.com and please include contact information.

SUBMISSION PERIOD / DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted online between April 15, 2014 and May 15, 2015 (entries will be accepted until 11:59:59 PM (CST)).

…so, get cracking… let’s have yer submissions… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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…Authors, ALL yeez have to do on ‘How To Be The Most Successful Author’… EVER…

best seller

…piece of cake this writing gig… yeez just follow a few ROOLS, and hey presto, ye’re a bestseller with ginormous film contracts!… right?… wrong!… when this ol’ Jurassic was up to his laptop in scribbling the first ever Jack Calder crime thriller six years ago, little thought (read, ‘no thought’) entered my head during the scribbling of the thing as to what happens when yeez type ’the end’ on it… once the pink cloud of having actually finished the masterpiece receded marginally, then and only then did thoughts turn to becoming the WURLD’s next gazillion-copies seller, like that wee Rowling lassie… however, matching the likes of she, Lee Child, James Patterson, and Tom Clancy proved a tad more complicated than just banging the precious manuscript off to supposed drooling Agents and Publishers in London… after a while, the notion dawned— this success thing is more like solving the problem of clearing all the crocodiles and alligators off the face of the Earth, where, ALL yeez have to do is boil the ocean... so, here’s the distilled wisdom from my wee gray cells on ALL yeez have to do on ‘How To Be The Most Successful Author.’..EVER…


1. …marry the bosses of the top six international Publishing firms (the side issue of polygamy can be addressed later, let’s not nit-pick here)…

2. …write stuff that crosses all genres—produce a romantic, science fiction, mystery, erotic, historical, Young Adult vampire-y, Old Adult vampire-y, travel guide, crime thriller autobiography…

3. …have yer WURK translated into every language and dialect on the planet, and with illustrations…

4. …pretend ye’re the literary equivalent of the elusive, seldom publicly seen or photographed street artist, Banksy to attract that enigmatic factor (if yeez are Banksy, that’s a bonus)…

5. …pay sumb’dy at the genealogical family-tree tracking agency to warrant that ye’re actually related to Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Burns, Dickens, Defoe (and F.Scott Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, O’Hara and Ruark to secure the ‘Merikan Market, Mabel)… a linkage to Winston Churchill won’t do too badly either…

6. …persuade Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West to say they detest yer WURK… sure fire winner, that one…

…if that lot fails, I recommend yeez go help these guys boiling the ocean.. I don’t have to be this helpful, yeez know that, right?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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…my pal, Scott Perkins’ book launch has sumb’dy SAVING THE WURLD… nice start…

IMG_7340_BandW (914x1280)
…fellow Crooked Cat Publishing Author, Scott Perkins, (Blog :  http://www.pagestotype.com/ ) has a milestone day today… his debut novel, Howard Carter Saves The World, is available to all of yeez to download and enjoy… he shares a bit about his plot hero, Howard Carter… a name to conjure with, indeed…

A Name to Conjure With

The naming of cats, TS Eliot tells us, is difficult and a game that’s sure to spoil your holiday. He might as well have been talking about the lip-gnawing, brow-furrowing, page-flipping, head-scratching frustrations of naming characters for a work of fiction.

Considering the amount of thought that goes into naming a cat or a character, it’s always surprising to me how arbitrarily we tend to name people in real life. My mom babysat for a kid named Scott and always liked the name, so here I am. I watch friends and family agonize over the names of their offspring and then (almost) always come back around to family names or honorific names.

Since I started writing about Howard Carter, I’ve had any number of young scholars pop up on my blog using search terms and asking questions that make it obvious that they are researching the man who found King Tutankhamun’s tomb. I deal with that in the first few chapters of Howard Carter Saves the World. Trying to deal with the mummy problem is what kicks the story into action. His name is the instigator for the plot.

He is, after all, Howard Carter, no relation… or is he?

As a young man, I was quite taken with the O.G. Howard Carter[1], and in love as only a youngster can be with the adventure of it all. Mummies! Curses! Treasure! No messy questions about national sovereignty or cultural heritage, just good solid Indiana Jones material there. But there’s more to Howard’s name than a daydreaming boy flipping through a National Geographic magazine; Carter the archaeologist is just one limb on a very tall family tree consisting of innumerable heroes and heroines who also carried the surname. Chief among this fictional lineage is John Carter of Mars created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who influenced pretty much everything that came after it, including Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and an obscure little film called Star Wars. Thanks to the one-two punch of Howard and John, the name has been infused with such power that it appears in books and TV in many places from Randolph Carter in HP Lovecraft’s short stories to Agent Peggy Carter brilliantly portrayed by Haley Atwell in the Agent Carter TV series.

Because my story was purpose-built to harken back to an earlier brand of “Gee whizz!” raygun science fiction and I wanted to send my readers tromping through the sacred cow pastures of pop culture[2], I wanted that touchstone. When you have a single name that ties to everyone from Buck Rogers to Luke Skywalker, how can you pass that up?

When you’re naming characters, I think any writer put that kind of thought into the main character. Whether it’s the wonderfully redundant Hiro Protagonist in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash or the so-innocent-she’s-practically-inert Hero, daughter of Leonato in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, the thought that underlies your character’s name shouldn’t be any less than the thought that underlies the creation of the character itself. And the name should somehow underpin the story itself even if it doesn’t goad the plot into motion as I have done.

In real life, we talk about something called nominative determinism, which is more or less the idea that if you name your child “Lucifer” they’re going to lead a devilish life[3]. This has been studied to death and there’s an astonishing amount of data on this, spawning countless arguments about whether any of it is true. Was the man named Law destined to be a judge because of his name or because he went to law school? Because fiction arises from the mythic meta-stories of our ancestors (who took nominative determinism very much to heart) you see a lot of purpose-built character names. From detective Sam Spade to Daffy Duck, in so many ways we name the thing and they become it.

Or at least we have to hope that they do or I wasted my time dreaming up Doctor Villainous Deeds, PhD. and he’s just too much fun to write about to let that go to waste.

[1] O.G. “Original Gangster”

[2] Watch your step or you’ll need to change your shoes before we go back in the house.

PastedGraphic-2 The Book:

Howard Carter Saves the World is a coming of age story with robots, freeze rays, pirates, mad scientists, sapient puppets, flying cats, secret government agencies, alien invasions, time travel, pistachio pudding, and jetpacks. Because what fun is a coming of age story without jetpacks? It’s also a love letter and gentle satire of all the things that make science fiction fun.
The Bio:
Scott Perkins was born and raised in rural Missouri, dreaming about turning his grandfather’s tractors into giant robots and reading and absorbing the sort of classic science fiction and fantasy that was a little bit ridiculous, and a whole lot hopeful about the potential of humankind. This book is the result of that youth among books, robots, and tractor exhaust fumes.Scott most assuredly is not a mad scientist living on a secret island fortress somewhere in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington with his wife and assorted feline lifeforms (which most assuredly do not have wings, though it’s not for lack of asking). As far as we know, he’s a writer, sculptor, and graphic designer who does an excellent job of pretending to be perfectly normal at all times…

…thanks for coming aboard today, Scott… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

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…well, Fred throws a little mud at Ernie… then Ernie throws a little mud back at Fred… and then…


…maybe it’s been like this since Time began, but it just seems to this ol’ Jurassic that even lower-than-ever depths are being plumbed in how Politics is being conducted globally… if the concerted objective is to pitch the various manifesto garbage and rhetoric at the lowest common denominator of voter intelligence, then they’ve succeeded… I’ve stressed many times on this ‘ere Blog that I am a-political, inasmuch as I think they are all players in the great big Con-Game-of-Mendacity (lies, Mabel, lies)… some are more adept than others… on both sides of the Atlantic, the ploy of mud-slinging has developed to an art… it’s simple, really… Fred throws a little mud at Ernie… then Ernie throws a little mud back at Fred… and then… yeez can see where it leads… the spin-machines prob’ly have their own Unions now, such is the amount of industry surrounding it… there’s Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics…and Political Party Numbers… a new definition of ‘promises’… and watch out for a candidate who starts every answer to a question with, ‘well, honestly speaking’… aye, right!’…


…the ’free’ Press lines up rigidly on one side of the divide or the other, and engage their own ‘presenters-of-their-versions-of-how-things-really-are’… aye, right, again!… I’m led to understand that the amounts of money invested by all protagonists in the UK and in ‘Merika could prob’ly alleviate most of the poverty in Africa if applied there instead… if only… but back to my basic observation… the phenomenon of negative campaigning… if the Pope, Moses and Gawd ’imself were running for government office, even their backgrounds should hardily survive the ‘alleged’ scandals besmirching their pasts that the professional muckrakers would invent… the ‘stories’ remembered by ‘sumb’dy’ ‘way back when they were less than ‘holy’… the youthful indiscretions… magnified to First Degree Murder levels… given all of that, p’raps it’s time for me to stand for office… my past is as ugly as any of them critters… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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