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…time to have a peek at Nik Morton’s own offering this week… The Prague Papers… great read…

…Nik Morton is at pains to point out that the heading on the undernoted post is from a journalist… not from his own pen….whichever way you view it, it’s a great read…

‘Better than Jack Higgins’

All this week Crooked Cat Publishing is offering three thrillers for a bargain e-book price each of 99p/$1.11 or thereabouts. The thrillers are The Carbon TrailThe Prague Papers and Vengeance Wears Black.

Today, we’ll look at The Prague Papers which is the first in the Tana Standish psychic spy series; the second is The Tehran Textwhich is also available; a third is promised, The Khyber Chronicle.

This novel takes place in 1975 in Czechoslovakia; there are also flashbacks to Poland in 1942 and England in the 1960s. There’s a very brief snippet at the end of this blog.


Tana is a spy – and she’s psychic. Orphaned in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War, she was adopted by a naval officer and his wife. Now she works for the British Secret Intelligence Service. Czechoslovakia’s people are still kicking against the Soviet invasion. Tana is called in to restore morale and repair the underground network. But there’s a traitor at work.

And she learns about a secret Soviet complex in the Sumava Mountains. Unknown to her there’s a top secret establishment in Kazakhstan, where Yakunin, one of their gifted psychics, has detected her presence in Czechoslovakia.

When Tana infiltrates the Sumava complex, she’s captured! A desperate mission is mounted to either get her out or to silence her – before she breaks under interrogation.

Amazon review excerpts:

The locations are detailed, as are the workings of the intelligence agencies, evidence surely of an in depth knowledge and extensive research. The pace is full speed ahead and often the subject matter is brutal but I couldn’t look away and I certainly didn’t want to stop reading. If you enjoy Bond or Bourne then you will enjoy this, it just begs to be a movie.
Well plotted and executed this is a story that held me enthralled and intrigued from the first page to the last…and then I read the epilogue, and I realised just how eye-opening this novel is. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m so relieved that there is more to come.

~ Bookworm, Jan 2015

Morton’s heroine Tana is made of stern stuff…
~ Michael Parker, author of The Devil’s Trinity and The Third Secret

Interestingly, Morton sells it as a true story passed to him by an agent and published as fiction, a literary ploy often used by master thriller writer Jack Higgins. Let’s just say that it works better than Higgins.
~Danny Collins, author of The Bloodiest Battles

… gave me that feeling of “being there myself”, rubbing shoulders with his characters, and for quite a while after finishing it, I found myself thinking about them and all they had been through.
~ William Daysh, author of Over by Christmas
As well as creating memorable characters, Morton captures the essence of Prague and the Czech soul, educates us into the world of Eastern Bloc politics, and tells an intricate tale of espionage…
~ Maureen Moss, Travel journalist


In the prologue, the author says he came by the story via a manuscript given to him by a Mr Swann of the British SIS. Part of the conversation went like this:

“I’m not going to put any agents at risk by writing about this, am I?” [I said].

“No,” [Swann replied]. “These adventures won’t figure in the revelations of Wikileaks, Assange or Snowden.”

“I’m pleased to hear it.”

“It might have fresh relevance, now that Mr Putin is keen to start a fresh Cold War.”

“True. What do you want in return?”

He studied the remains of his drink and because I wasn’t psychic I couldn’t fathom what he was thinking, but it was more than his words: “Just the story. The story is the thing.”

Another question had been nagging throughout our clandestine meeting. “Why bring this to me? As much as I try spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook, I’m not exactly well-known, you know.”

“Jack Higgins turned us down.”

I glared and he grinned. “Just joking,” he said.

I fingered the manuscript in anticipation. It seemed too good to be true. “All right, then, I’ll give it a go.”

“Just do Tana justice,” he said.


How I wished I’d met Tana Standish. People like me – and those accursed politicians – sit cosily at home with our petty complaints while men and women like her fight the good fight against evil. The Cold War may have gone away for a while, but we still need people like Tana Standish, Alan Swann and Keith Tyson. And they get no thanks. Mainly, their stories go unheard and unread. At the most, their achievements probably get a footnote in a newspaper.

After several months shut away from the world of today, I’ve finished this book, which I have called The Prague Papers – the first chronicle of Tana Standish’s missions which presages several calamitous adventures with significant revelations from recent history. It’s dedicated to all the secret agents who fight behind the scenes and behind the news.

Tana Prague Papers-small

From Amazon UK here

From Amazon COM here

From Kobo here

From Smashwords here

From Apple here



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…Nik Morton blogs on three thrillers on offer from Crooked Cat Publishing this week…

…pal, and fellow scribbler, Nik Morton, carries a nice piece in his blog today with reference to the terrific three-book offering from Crooked Cat Publishing this week in the thriller JONGGR, with a focus on my wee baby, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… cheers , that man:



‘Wreak ruthless retaliation…’

All this week Crooked Cat Publishing is offering three thrillers for a bargain e-book price each of 99p/$1.07 or thereabouts. The thrillers are The Carbon TrailThe Prague Papers and Vengeance Wears Black.



Today, we’ll look at Vengeance Wears Black which is the second in Seumas Gallacher’s series about Jack Calder, an ex-SAS man who is now a security specialist. The first in the series is The Violin Man’s Legacy and the third is Savage Payback.

The books are fast-paced, constantly moving plot driven action tales. Already, Seumas has a large and loyal following that look out for his next Calder escapade.


Jack Calder and his former SAS colleagues in the specialist security firm ISP are saved from certain death when an ex-Gurkha friend is killed while smothering a deadly grenade thrown into a lunchtime Chinese restaurant in the West End of London. They learn that murderous turf wars are raging between Asian Triads and Eastern European mobsters vying for control of international fiefdoms of drug smuggling, people trafficking, prostitution and money laundering.

An unexpected visit from the highest levels of international law enforcement offers Jack and the ISP team a means to use their black operations skills to wreak a ruthless retaliation against the drug lords.

Unlikely partners emerge in their onslaught against the gangs as the warring criminal factions threaten an unholy alliance to repel them.

The pursuit spins across Europe, Turkey and North Africa before a final reckoning.

Sample Amazon reviews:

Vengeance Wears Black is definitely a man’s thriller. Written with spare prose, but enough to give you a good idea of the characters and their emotions, the book provides lots of action with hardly a pause for breath. Not to say that a woman reader wouldn’t enjoy it — there are lots of handsome characters.

The world, generally, is a good place but there are those who despoil it. Jack and his fellows at ISP are the ones who see that those despoilers receive the justice they deserve. If you want your world in more shades of grey and moral complexity thick as molasses, look elsewhere. If you want a taut, well executed action story, you could do far worse than to give this a go.

Set on an international stage the story provided well-fleshed out characters, suspense and details aplenty to make it very believable. Definitely engrossing from first page to last.

For anyone who likes their reading material fast paced and no nonsense, this is definitely for you!

This is not only part of a series, but a standalone book as well. Jack Calder’s undercover team are brilliantly drawn characters, who you wholly believe in with a cracking plot that spans continents. I particularly liked the fact that the author explores his characters, their foibles and their flaws, so you really get to know them, whilst still moving the plot forward, because if a character has flaws, you can be sure the bad guys will exploit them! If you like action, adventure and spooks then this is a thriller you won’t want to miss.

…thanks again to Nik Morton



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Seumas Gallacher Uncovers the Global Financial Markets “Con Trick”

Seumas Gallacher:

Mac Logan and I see eye to eye on the mess the WURLD’s financiers have landed us in…


Originally posted on Mac Logan writes:

Good for the Soul?

Seumas Gallagher This is a guest post by best selling author Seumas Gallacher. He’s worth a read. Click on the photos for a link to his site.

Let me ’fess up, right out of the blocks, I worked in the finance and banking industry for the major part of my professional career. I’m aware I may sound like a ‘bleeding deacon’ with some of my ensuing comments, but who cares… I’ll tell it as I feel it and see it.


My view of the global banking industry over the past ten to fifteen years moved from simple embarrassment to downright outrage. In the early 1960s when I entered a Scottish bank as an apprentice bank clerk, things were radically different: getting a personal loan of ten pounds sterling entailed a whole series of tough questions about the ability to pay back. Yet when money was deposited to any…

View original 505 more words

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…Martin Roy Hill’s insightful piece on what a writer reads to help him write…

…my pal, Author Martin Roy Hill has an engaging post on his blog http://www.martinroyhill.com/martin-s-writers-blog about material that writers are well advised to have around when crafting their own masterpieces… he also graciously mentions my own wee SELF-PUBLISHING GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SALES… thanks, that man… here’s the post:

What’s on Your Writer’s Bookshelf?

If you live in the U.S., you’re probably familiar with that series of credit card commercials that always end, “What’s in your wallet?” I was thinking about that the other day as I was browsing my book shelves at home and wondering what kind of books other writers keep around.

Writers are different readers from normal (i.e., sane) people. We not only write for a living, we read for a living as well. We have to read other writers in our own genre to see what the competition is doing (and learn from them). We read for research, so we don’t make big mistakes like saying Paris is the capital of Great Britain. And we read to improve our craft.

I write thrillers and mysteries. When it comes to writing about crime, I benefit from a life in which I have worked as a police reporter for a daily newspaper, and been involved in law enforcement operations as a U.S. Coastguardsman, a military policeman, and a sheriff’s reservist. Heck, I was even trained as a SWAT medic. 

As a result, my bookshelves are filled with books and manual acquired from attending various law enforcement training programs. Yet I still have a number of books that were written about law enforcement specifically for writers. Among these are Anne Wingate’s Scene of the Crime: A Writer’s Guide to Crime Scene Investigation, Keith D. Wilson’s Cause of Death: A Writer’s Guide to Death, Murder, and Forensic Medicine, and the Mystery Writers of America’s Mystery Writer’s Handbook.

Over the years, I’ve written many articles for magazines and websites on military history. As a result, my bookshelves are crammed with history books on everything from the Napoleonic Wars to the latest conflicts. While these were collected to support my nonfiction writing, they still come in useful for my fiction work.

For instance, when I was writing my military mystery thriller, The Killing Depths, I needed to learn as much as I could about submarines and submarine warfare. Fortunately, I already had several books about submarines, though I ended up buying and reading several more. My history collection also was helpful in writing my noir mystery, Empty Places, which takes place in the mid-1980s and tangentially involves the U.S. involvement in proxy wars in Central America. 

My latest book was a step outside the normal lane of thrillers. Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella invokes a great deal of history and religious symbolism. In writing it, I found Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbolsextremely helpful. Eden describes an alternative history of the rise of mankind.

The narrator is an U.S. Army captain named Adam Cadman, which is an alternate spelling for Adam Kadmon. In the religious writings of Kabbalah, Adam Kadmon is the original or “primordial” man, and that theme runs through the entire book. It was reading Jung’s book that gave me the idea for Captain Adam Cadman, and I have turned to the book again and again for inspiration for other writing projects. 

Like most authors, I have a number of books on writing. One of my favorites is David Morrell’s The Successful Novelist: A Lifetime of Lessons about Writing and Publishing. Morrell, who created the character Rambo in his novel First Blood, is considered by many to be the father of the modern thriller. In Successful Novelist, Morrell uses his own writing career to illustrate the do’s and don’ts of novel writing and publishing.

Others books that have had an impact on my writing include Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within, and James N. Frey’s How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II: Advanced Techniques for Dramatic Storytelling.

As all good writers should, I always have a collection of dictionaries and thesauri. One unusual thesaurus I’ve found very helpful in my writing is The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression, by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. When I get stuck on how to describe a character’s reaction to a situation, this book can usually help me get unstuck.

As an independent author, I’m not only the writer of my books; I’m their public relations and marketing director as well. One of the first books I picked up for this was Shelley Hitz’s Marketing Your Book on Amazon: 21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free to Get More Exposure and Sales, which I found extremely helpful.

Fellow indie author Jay Allan Storey, author of futuristic dystopian novel, Eldorado, recommended to me Tom Corson-Knowles’ book The Amazon Analytics Bible: How To Use Analytics To Sell More Books On Amazon And Make Better Marketing Decisions, which I also found immensely helpful. Another writing colleague, Seumas Gallacher, author of the the Jack Calder series of thrillers, wrote the very informative and frequently hilarious, Self-Publishing Steps To Successful Sales

Perhaps you have certain books you turn to for help on your research, writing, or marketing. So I ask you, “What’s on your bookshelf?”



UK: http://amzn.to/Qq2c3y

US: http://amzn.to/1lt6bcv

Aus : amzn.to/1DSbNFN

Can   : amzn.to/1GYAyAV


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…Publisher-Gate…the first instalment of what may be a long, puzzling affair…#TBSU…

…let me state straight off the bat…I have an excellent, conscientious, hard-slogging agent in my corner…he has the ear (and prob’ly other bits of their anatomy) of some of the prime publishing houses in Noo Yawk, ‘Merica… but even with his tenacity, my little crime thriller babies, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK…are still flyin’ solo in the self publishing jungle that is Amazon Kindle…don’t get me wrong… I’m not dissatisfied with the download totals thus far (55,000+ now, and risin’)… but I’ve long since distanced myself from the stool next to the telephone… no waiting for Publisher Godots to call… for once in my life, I’ve been following all the sage proper advice on how to ‘keep hangin’ in there and doin’ all the right things’ in the meantime… ‘building the platform’–DONE… ‘interacting with readers and EMB’DY who’ll talk to me’–DONE… ‘self printed paperback copies and distributed them locally to the book chains myself’–DONE… ‘got magazine and newspaper column inches about the novels and my own back story’–DONE… ‘become the media tart of the guest speaker circuit to readers groups and associations’–DONE-–so, what’s missing from this picture??…yup, PRINCE(ESS) PUBLISHER… conspicuous by his/her absence… yes, I know, I know, I know… authoring’s the kind of vocation where ye become an overnight success after 40 years hard labour… still, ye have to wonder…is there anybody out there?… hello?… if any of you wunnerful lads and lassies scribers have the Chinese Sign on any publishers ye know ( blackmail photos, extortion, all acceptable )… nudge them this way , won’t you?… ta muchly …I’ve a sneaky suspicion it might be something to do with Matron…oops, she’s gallivanting this way with that huge syringe… see yeez later…

VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK currently on Kindle Amazon Free promo Jan 24-28th

Amazon Kindle Links :

US  http://amzn.to/W59BB3

UK  http://amzn.to/13yV1YX

Canada http://amzn.to/14gODEZ




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…just finished…editing the edit of the edited edition… Wha???…#TBSU…

…for years I never questioned the advertisements…yer favourite brand of washing powder, Mabel… ‘NEW AND IMPROVED’ they crowed…but not just one year, but the next… and the next…and the one after that…so I kinda set to thinkin’…after thirty years of NEW AND IMPROVED powder EVERY year for three decades…how bluudy awful was the stuff when they started out?…for the cognoscenti of the literary arts, this is gonna make a bit of sense…(trust me)…take a novel that ye’ve just written…then ye start to edit…it improves (ye hope)…and then ye dabble with it again…and again…and yet again…bits of narrative here…scraps of dialogue there…too many adverbs…overuse of certain phrases and words…the ubiquitous excessive indulgence in the word ‘that’… and so it goes on…I’ve had long-established grandees in the scribblers profession share with me, that sometimes they think they can NEVER edit enough…this last two months I have spent doing precisely what the people I admire most in this industry do…a line-by-blood-sweat-and-tears-line edit of my first two babies, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK…don’t get me wrong… I’m still DELIGHTED with the original versions, authorial narcissist that I am…(50,000+ downloads tells me at least SOME people agree with me)… but the gratification of immersion in each and every page to seek to improve is incalculable…I highly recommend it…there are those of you who have supported my own efforts here for the last 18 months… and others astonishingly who have asked my humble advice on writing as a debut indie…lads and lassies, SERIOUS EDITING is the way to go…the ‘NEW AND IMPROVED’ tag line’s what ye seek…go hunt it down…meantime , a wee reminder— VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK is on Kindle Free Promo Jan24-28 this week…pick it up here :


Amazon Links:

US  http://amzn.to/W59BB3

UK  http://amzn.to/13yV1YX



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…put away yer credit cards and PayPal a/cs…it’s FREEBIE time…(from a Scotsman!!??)…#TBSU…

…truth in advertising…an oft-hackneyed phrase I’m sure most of us would agree…my ol’ Gran’pa used to say, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time…or was that sumb’dy else?…whatever…so, cards on the table, ‘fess up time, no Bull Sh*t…this ‘ere blog post is targetting one thing, and one thing only …to get ye all NOT to dip into yer pockets, but to download FOR FREE my novel, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK…now, Mabel, if the good folks out there in BlogLand feel inclined to BUY the other book, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY at the same time as whippin’ away a freebie???…in all conscience, who am I to stop ’em ?…and if they wanna dig further and push out some pennies and cents on my (critics say) brilliantly funny collection of blog posts, THE BLOGGER’S GUIDE TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (more truth in advertising! )…be my guest…the Freebie promo STARTS JANUARY 24TH Western Pacific time (so don’t download before that, or yer wallet WILL  get sapped)…all the way until JANUARY 28th…please enjoy…the links are as follow for :


US  http://amzn.to/W59BB3

UK  http://amzn.to/13yV1YX



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