…manna from Literary heaven… a glorious review from Author Martin Roy Hill for ‘SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES’… #TBSU…

…my very good Author mate, Martin Roy Hill has paid this ol’ Jurassic a great honour with this review of SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES… many thanks, that man… Martin’s excellent webpage is here, give him a follow… : http://www.martinroyhill.com



Seumas Gallacher is a man with a split personality. First he’s the author of a successful thriller series featuring hard-fighting former SAS operator Jack Calder. In a personality reversal, he also writes a humorous writing blog in the character of a rambling Scotsman with an almost indecipherable Scottish brogue. I’ve become a fan of both personalities. In Self-Publishing Steps to Successful Sales, Gallacher combines both personalities, producing a serious discussion on the benefits of social media to independent authors that is punctuated with a light wit.

Gallacher doesn’t get into the weeds about the writing life or writing style. His point here is that it’s not enough to just write a book, you’ve got to get it noticed by readers and, more importantly, readers who buy books. A former international banker now living in Abu Dhabi, Gallacher approaches book selling using the same elements he used as a businessman — a business plan, business, marketing, and promotional campaigns, and a budget.

Most importantly, Gallacher shows how to get your book in front of readers by using the tools afforded by Amazon’s KDP publishing platform, and Internet social media like Twitter, Facebook, websites, and blogs. Despite using these tools virtually every day for the past three years to promote my own books, I felt like a neophyte while reading Gallacher’s book.

Whether you’re a novice writer or a publishing pro, Self-Publishing Steps to Successful Sales should be in your library.

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Meet Seumas Gallacher

Seumas Gallacher:

,,,another great friend, Author, Amber Lea Leggette-Aldrich carries this wee piece from me today … thank you, m’Lady :):)

Originally posted on AmberLea of Alaska's Blog:

Today I have a guest post, written by my friend, Seumas Gallacher .

I’ve asked Seumas to share a little about his journey to becoming a writer because he’s had a great influence on me. His good-natured generosity and sense of humor has made it quite easy to like him.

Seumas started a strategy in social networking a while back called, “The Blog Scratchers Union”…a you scratch my back (or blog in this case), and I’ll scratch yours sort of thing. It has become quite popular in helping authors spread the word about each other’s works. I shared his idea in an earlier post. So now when you see the hashtag #TBSU, you’ll know where it came from.

So without further ado…meet Seumas Gallacher…

…what do YOU wanna be when you grow up?…

As much as I protest at the utter surprise at realizing I’m living well past…

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…listen up, Mabel… I’m on colour radio this coming Saturday morning… #TBSU…

…completely shameless Medya Tart, me… I’m emb’dy’s for the scrape of an interviewer’s pen… column inches in yer local mag?.. this ol’ Jurassic’s yer huckleberry… television crew in the locality?… show me the way to the cameras… sound bite from the self-publishing scribbler?… yup, tick that box as well… comes now the next aural imposition on the listening-public-at-large… this Saturday morning Abu Dhabi Classic FM, will threaten the credibility of its franchise by letting me into their studio in Abu Dhabi… subject matter supposedly the ePublishing phenomenon… let’s see where that takes us… the charming Ms Gina Peach is tasked with pitching the questions… the whisper is she’ll have her finger on the Taser Gun to keep the conversation half-way sensible… I’ve been asked to choose a piece of Classical Music to intersperse my inanity on air… I’ve proposed Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, which is about as close as it gets to summarising the trip most of we quill-scrapers go through on the way to Literary Stardom… which got me to pond’ring… about which bits of music I frequently have as background when I’m writing… I’m not much into the wallpaper background stuff so dearly loved by the ‘please-hold-the-line-forever’ robot voices on company telephone extensions... my preferences are more for ‘mood’ pieces… the Muse seems to produce better for me with an eclectic range… ‘Amazing Grace with bagpipers and Andre Rieu’, anything by Judy Collins, the incomparable Andrea Bocelli, Freddy with his Bohemian Rhapsy-thing, Celtic ballads, Ray Charles, Willie ‘I’m Gonna Sing ‘Til I’m A Hundred’ Nelson, Harry Nilsson... and so it goes on… the colour radio stations usually give yeez a copy of the interview afterward (will yeez just listen to me!..‘usually’!!)… if it doesn’t break all the broadcasting ROOLS… yeez’ll prob’ly hear it on here in a day or so…

…if yeez are in the UAE and feel like listening around 10.15 am, please tune in on Abu Dhabi Classic FM

91.6 Abu Dhabi, 105.2 Al Ain, 87.9 Dubai

meantime, see yeez later… LUV YEEZ… here’s the Ride of the Valkyries for yeez to get in the mood…



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…Mirror, Mirror on the wall… am I really here at all?… #TBSU…

…over the last wee while, I’ve noticed several Author ‘Facebookies’ complaining to the WURLD at large that, basically, nob’dy LUVS them… the sum’times paralysing constant checking of the Amazon Kindles Sales reports with sparse downloads leaves them utterly bereft… the eternal clamour for Facebook ‘likes’ leaves me bewildered, mainly coz I really don’t understand the need for Facebook ‘likes’… it’s even more apparent to me, despite my dearth of little grey cells, that far too many writers, newbies and established names, expect an avalanche of affirmation merely by throwing their masterpieces onto the internet… a-hem… IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!… IT DOESN’T WURK THAT WAY!... consider this, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land— at my last guesstimation there’s a trillion, squillion new titles being released on the ePublishing channels every fourteen and a half minutes… the sheer volume of timeline traffic on Facebook and the other SOSYAL NETWURKS reduces the odds of yer pleas to the readership universe to have a decko at yer WURK being heard… but, all is not as desperate as it may appear… this ol’ Jurassic’s been banging on for a while now about the efficacy of BUILDING THE PLATFORM... yeez have to develop yer NETWURKS’ relationships… every day, every week, every month… and then maintain and LUV the heck out of them… the measure of ‘success’ differs for each of us, but I still get that fabulous buzz when even one person downloads anything I’ve written, and multiply that buzz if they scribble a review for any of it… it’s called ‘affirmation’… and if we’re honest about it, it’s one of the primary reasons most of us quill-scrape in the first place… to be acknowledged… to know sum’body likes our stuff… but, here’s another wee tip… if Facebook is being unreasonable, tardy or reluctant to show emb’dy on there acknowledging yer greatness, just step over to yer wall mirror… and repeat after me… ‘ye’re a wonderful writer, I LUV yer WURK,‘ … that’ll fix it… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ… mean time, if all else fails, here’s another peek at my SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES:




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Death Can’t Take A Joke by Anya Lipska: Excerpt.

Seumas Gallacher:

…Paul Brazill carries an intriguing extract from the second novel from Anya Lipska, ‘Death Can’t Take a Joke’… Anya’s first book, ‘Where The Devil Can’t Go’ was the first novel I ever reviewed, and probably set the tone and taste for reviewing for me, it was such a great read.. I’ve just downloaded this new one,, and look forward to it with great delight …

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

Death Can't Take A Joke PB 2.indd One of my favourite crime fiction novels of 2012 was Anya Lipska ‘s debut WHERE THE DEVIL CAN’T GO , which introduced the characters of  Janusz Kiszka- a fixer/ unofficial private eye in London’s Polish community- and rookie copy D C Natalie Kershaw.

You can read what I had to say about WHERE THE DEVIL CAN’T GO here.

Well, Kiszka and Kershaw are back in Anya Lipska’s latest  crime thriller DEATH CAN’T TAKE A JOKE, which is available as a paperback, eBook and audio-book.

And you can read an extract here:

In this scene, private eye Janusz Kiszka is at his murdered friend’s house when he sees a mystery woman leaving flowers outside in tribute…

Janusz gazed out of the bay window that framed the tiny front garden and flower-strewn wall like a tableau. Through the half-closed slats of the blinds a young woman came into view, slowing to…

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Chris (The Story Reading Ape) Graham

Seumas Gallacher:

… typically humble and wonderful interview with the marvellous Storytelling Ape… well done Ailsa Abraham … (BTW, Ailsa, there’s a guy, Chris Graham, you can call who may be able to tell you how to get the sag out of the settee…

Originally posted on Ailsa Abraham:

Well, he FINALLY arrived at the Bingergread Cottage.Ape 1

I could tell when he did, all the local wildlife went streaming through the open front door and out through the previously closed back door before disappearing into the tangled overgrowth called (imaginatively, considering it was the Council’s choice) ‘The Bingerbread Cottage Enchanted Forest’!

It was also evident when, after the last Squirrel had disappeared, I heard a loud CLATTER of my precious motorbike hitting the ground, followed by an equally loud “SORRY – I WAS ONLY LOOKING AT IT, NOT TRYING TO GET ON IT” from my Guest.

Yes, you’ve guessed who my Guest is – the biggest, strongest, furriest Blogger in the Cyberworld – Chris, The Story Reading Ape!

After Badger reluctantly assisted him to get untangled and out from under the motorbike Chris finally made it through the now permanently open front door (it was no longer attached to…

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…my Man of Dignity for the Month… Hishammuddin Hussein, Acting Minister of Transport of Malaysia… #TBSU…

Transport mimister


…it would be a heartless creature indeed who felt no sympathy for the families of those aboard the MH 370… primary thoughts and prayers correctly belong to them right now… like many hundreds of millions around the globe, I’ve watched the cable television news coverage of the day to day search… unhappily, part of that coverage includes the daily press briefings with the sometimes inane questioning from the local and world’s assembled press… whatever theory each of us may harbour regarding the mystery of what has happened to the aircraft and its passengers and crew, the simple single fact remains… no-one knows for certain… it may well be, that in the fullness of time, discovery, examination and investigation of the circumstances of MH 370‘s disappearance will provide more human fodder for the ‘blame-hawks’… I witnessed similar, brutal, barbed and poisonous, press-conference interrogation in the aftermath of the tragic typhoon disaster which struck the small city of Tacloban in the Philippines… the eternal adage is that bad news sells well, and terrible news sells terribly well… 24/7 news channels and their repetitive talking heads’ hunger for drama often sits neatly alongside the ‘don’t let facts get in the way of a good story’ syndrome… finger-pointing, blame, and prejudgment is part and parcel of that… amidst all of this journalistic shrapnel, Acting Minister of Transport, Hishammuddin Hussein (pictured above) has served as a wonderful lightning rod, diffusing much of the vitriol and speculation… like myself, I suppose many of you may have been in similar situations as the spokesperson for a company, community, whatever, handling crises (although unlikely ever to have approached a scale such as this man has had to cope with)… it’s not easy, particularly if some among the questioners seem to have a sharpened negative agenda… Hishammuddin Hussein has exemplified all that is good in a man of obvious dignity… he cares deeply about the families, relatives and friends of those whose fate is as yet still unresolved… Mister Hussein, I’ve never met you, but I’d be honoured to have you as a friend… you are my Man of Dignity for the Month


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