…here’s how we Scots do ‘office’…

…I’m sure the good folks who made the video clip here won’t mind it getting an airing on my wee blog… it’s not often I watch one of these, among the gazillions that populate the internet daily, but after seeing this I wanted to stand up and applaud… it’s the epitome of great advertising… getting yer message across through humour that neither hurts nor mocks, and sees the ’wee guy’ prosper in the end… LUVVED IT!… enjoy… I’m off to give my kilt another airing… slainte mhath!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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…Wee Jockie… and a prime lesson on how to WURK yer way through a windfall…


…this ol’ Jurassic’s banking career kicked off just over 50 years ago in Docklands Govan in Glasgow… in the mighty Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank Limited’s outpost, situated on the corner of Govan Cross, adjacent to the vast Harland & Wolff shipyards, the then kings of the shipbuilding industry on Clydeside… the area didn’t boast much in the way of wealthy merchants, nor stockbrokers… not even a lawyer nor accountant or two… in the WURDS of the politicians… Govan was definitely WURKING class… ‘NUTHIN wrong with that’, I hear yeez say… and right yeez are… what it did breed was more than its fair share of characters… one such was Wee Jockie… his family name is conveniently lost, lest I get hammered for disclosure of confidential banking records… Wee Jockie was one of thousands of men who helped build the great ocean-going vessels for which the mighty Govan shipyards were justifiably famous in these days… he entered the bank one day, completely unknown to anyone… dressed in his cloth cap, trench coat over his dungarees, and stood at the main teller window… I recall he didn’t reach more than about five feet, cap and all… he wanted to open an account… the deposit was a crumpled cheque dated about a week earlier… Wee Jockie had never had a bank account before and had obviously been trying to figure out how to go about getting one… a simple signing of a form or two (none of yer money-laundering regulatory rubbish back then—certainly not in Govan) and his account was live… the cheque came from a local bookmaker, in the splendid sum of Sixty-Three Pounds, Five Shillings Sterling in pre-decimal money… now, yeez have to understand that the average weekly wage for a chap like Wee Jockie was prob’ly in the region of Seven Pounds Sterling... on that first day he withdrew Six Pounds Sterling… the very next day he was back… looking slightly the worse for wear… self-inflicted ailments of the Electric Soup Kind had left the signs of a full-blown hangover… this second day saw a withdrawal of Three Pounds Sterling… succeeding days came and we witnessed repeats of the standard Three Pounds Sterling takeaways… in those days the bank opened half-days on Saturdays, and just before closing at midday, Wee Jockie rushed in… bleary-eyed, and apparently not long out of his bed… and the weekend spend was looked after with a withdrawal of Eight Pounds Sterling

drunk 2

…suffice to say, we could almost set the clock by Wee Jockie’s expected arrival times for the next couple of weeks… finally the balance had dwindled all the way down to a mere Five Pounds Sterling… he arrived with his usual puffy features, a certain air of alcoholic haze drifting around him… as he cleaned out that final Five Pounds Sterling, we heard his voice raised properly for the first time, he waved to us all and said, ’Thanks for a’ yer help…this has been the best bender I’ve ever been on— the Missus is still trying to figure out where I got the money from… Cheerio!’… it was evidently the last time he ever won big with the local bookmaker, ‘coz we never saw him again… I wonder if his wife ever got wind of how he managed to be blotto for a whole three weeks straight!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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Is My Novel Ready for Proofreading? by Guest Author Wendy Janes @wendyproof

Seumas Gallacher:

…splendid post on proof reading by Wendy Janes on Ronovan Writes ..:)

Originally posted on :

Is My Novel Ready for Proofreading?

I love my job as a freelance proofreader, but sometimes authors make it very difficult for me to do my job effectively.

However brilliant your writing, however delicious your story, if there are too many errors and inconsistencies, you are asking too much of your proofreader to spot everything.

Here are a few examples of things that should have been removed by the author/developmental editor/copy editor prior to proofreading. Just in case you’re wondering, they are all products of my fevered imagination:

  • A tear-jerking family saga opens with Davina playing with her five-year-old brother, Oliver, on the sprawling lawns of their darling papa’s country estate. When our feisty heroine rescues sweet young Oliver from his evil kidnappers two years later, he is ten years old. The hapless Oliver dies in a fire soon after his rescue, and (miraculously) reappears at Davina’s sumptuous wedding to…

View original 562 more words


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…isn’t it rich?…

…I don’t care how hard-assed I think I may appear from time to time, especially to people who’ve never met me before… I’ve had my moments of gruffness and growling around folks and situations that displease me… thankfully, a modicum of alleged maturity has replaced the veneer of the Dockland Govan hard man from my upbringing in Glasgow… the trigger points of red-mist-from-toes-to-top-of-the-skull rage which occasionally coloured this ol’ Jurassic’s formative years seem, mercifully, a thing of yesteryear… as yer man, Danny Glover in the Maverick movie says, ‘I’m getting too old for this sh*t’… don’t misunderstand me, however… I’m still capable of coming swinging out of my tree, all knuckles and knees ready for combat at the drop of a hat (mind that hat, Mabel!)… but these days, by choice, my preference is to maintain at least the pretence of being a steady, balanced individual (what? a bluudy sane, sensible, Scotsman?..who am I kidding?)… however, it is remarkable how soothing can be the Great Pacifier…music… music’s one of my major ‘go-to’ escape valves when the rest of the planet is in one of it’s so-fecking-bonkers-yeez-have-to-opt-away modes… and no better soother-of-the-blistered-brow is the piece above by the Lady with the Golden Voice… Judy Collins… these days, I don’t require the premise of agitation to listen to her… do yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land have favourite pieces of music/songs/throwbacks that yeez basically stop what ye’re doing to listen to?,… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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… Authoress, Nancy Jardine, one of my litter-mates from Crooked Cat Publishing, pops in again to say hello…

nancy 2

…hi, Nancy, great to have you aboard again…

…what are yeez doing, Lassie?

These days I’m ‘encouraged’ not to overdo the use of adverbs and adjectives. That’s something I have a problem with as an ex-‘senior stages’ primary teacher who had to teach the use of both, though I know that my title has to be an overdone phrase as well.

…I’m sure that doesn’t mean ye’re floundering?

I hope not, but I am bemused by the to-ing and fro-ing these days. For a while, it seemed to me, that an author was published by traditional means or they were self-published. That distinction has, thankfully, gone and it’s perfectly possible for an author to be a comfortable mix of both.

…and yer scribbling, how’s it doing?

I’m about to embark on the road of self-publishing, having had two small publishers presenting my work since 2011. The initial contracts having come to their agreed terms on my first two published mystery romances means they are free to be re-launched by Crooked Cat Publishing this coming spring. That will bring my ‘cat’ total to six novels.

…and why the self- publishing road?

To date, my stories have been for the general adult market – romantic mysteries and historical romantic adventures but my recently completed time-travel historical adventure (superbly edited by Jeff Gardiner) is different. The Taexali Game is intended for the lower end of the YA market although there’s readability for all ages.

My biggest quandary as I wait for my cover design to be created is what name do I put on that cover to distinguish it from my writing for a more mature audience? Do I still call myself Nancy Jardine?

…are yeez thinking of adopting a pseudonym?

The problem with a pseudonym is that I’d be back to being a complete unknown in my home territory of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. That would be a downright shame because for the last three years I’ve been working hard to make my Nancy Jardine author presence (brand) more prominent through giving author talks to local libraries and community groups. I’ve been selling my print books at local Craft Fairs, and gaining recognition through being featured by the local press. Since The Taexali Game has an Aberdeenshire setting, there is a potentially local captive market.

So what do you think? Should I keep my name as Nancy Jardine on the front cover of The Taexali Game?

…my not so ‘umble opinion, m’Lady, is to keep with yer own name… it’s got plenty of ‘street-cred’ now… if yeez really want to differentiate on the JONGGR, p’raps add a middle initial on the fresh stuff to distinguish it from the existing back list… the fact that yeez are producing in a different genre doesn’t detract from the quality of yer quill-scrapping… besides, ‘Nancy’ is a smashing name!

 …and next up?… 

Anyone who wants to know what Taexali means might just have to wait and read my YA novel. Though that will be after I use the inimitable Seumas Gallacher’s fantastic tips in his wee guide ‘Self-Publishing Steps to Successful Sales’ which I happily reviewed – even though at the time of writing the review the thought of self-publishing the completed novel was a bit pie in the sky!

Thank you for giving me blog space, Seumas. I’m looking forward to fielding any suggestions and responses

clap…I remember yer review well, m’Lady. and thanks a bundle for that… we all appreciate it when people take time to drop a few lines, don’t we? …thanks a ton also, for taking time out of yer hectic diary to grace my wee blog… come back anytime… the haggis sandwiches’ll be ready for yeez… see yeez later…LUV YEEZ!…

…Nancy Jardine lives in the fabulous castle country of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A lover of history, it sneaks into most of her writing along with many of the fantastic world locations she’s been fortunate to visit. Her published work to date includes two non fiction history related projects and six novels. Three novels are contemporary mysteries (two of these are due to be re-launched in the spring of 2015 by Crooked Cat Publishing) The others are her Celtic Fervour Series of historical romantic adventures set in first century Roman Britain (great covers, huh?)…

beltane 1beltane2beltane 3

Ancestry research is an intermittent hobby; tending her garden is in on a ‘fair-weather’ basis but her grand childminding duties are regular and take up chunks of her week. The Taexali Game, a time-travel historical adventure for the YA market is due for publishing in the spring of 2015.

Author links:


Celtic Fervour Series of Historical Romantic Adventures – set in AD 71-84

Amazon UK author page    Amazon US author page   Blog    Website   Facebook  Goodreads   About Me   LinkedIn   Twitter @nansjar  Google+ 

 Amazon Author page for books and to view book trailer videos:

US http://amzn.to/RJZzZz   UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nancy-Jardine/e/B005IDBIYG/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Novels also available from and http://crookedcatbooks.com ; Barnes and Noble; W.H. Smith; Waterstones.com; Smashwords



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… yeez wanna come to a Pajama Party?… Author Diana Peach tells yeez how the best writers do it…

…there’s sum’thing so bluudy refreshing about other Authors who demonstrate that wunnerful irreverence to the stereo type of how a writer is supposed to behave… Guest Scribbler today, the LUVLY Diana Peach, captures hilariously, (and so accurately), the freedom of having entire days in yer PJs… have a read and yeez’ll see what I mean:


Writing in Pajamas

When Seumas asked me if I’d be interested in pulling together a guest post, well…I couldn’t resist the opportunity to muse. I enjoy the old Jurassic’s sense of humor and will attempt to do his blog justice. Thus…Writing in Pajamas.

To me, flannel pajamas are symbolic. Whenever I get the chance, I wear them all day, and in case you were wondering, I’m pj-clad as I type this post.

In my mother’s generation, all-day pajamas indicated a mortifying degree of sloth. Pinch-lipped, gossips would roll their eyes toward heaven, conjuring images of beer before breakfast, dust bunnies, and soap operas. If a woman wore pajamas all day, she certainly didn’t chair the holiday bazaar or volunteer at the library. Her kids lacked appropriate moral supervision and, no doubt, roamed the neighborhood like hooligans. Never mind her neglected spouse nibbling TV dinners after a long day at the plant.

My guess is some people still think that way, and now and then, they’re probably not wrong. Yet, I never ascribed to that characterization. My pajamas epitomize the wonderful and rare days when I can slide from bed straight into writing mode. I rouse myself to pour more coffee and toss a log in the woodstove, but that’s about it. No volunteering, no grocery shopping, no babysitting, the house to myself…It’s a bit of creative heaven.


If I’m still in my woolly slippers and snowman pajamas when the clock strikes two, I’m at my peak, fulfilling a mission, playing God. Worlds are being created and razed, characters loved and destroyed. Pathos, humor, desperation, joy, and death tap like magic from my fingertips. Who has time to get dressed with a universe in the throes of chaos?

Sometimes I go a touch far, I’ll admit. I want to hold onto that “this day is mine, mine, mine” feeling. I cling to the illusion that I haven’t surrendered my creative immersion to other tasks. There are days when my pajama-wearing mulishness raises eyebrows.

None of you, hopefully, is shocked by my occasional dash in slippers and assorted-fruit flannels to retrieve something from the car or the shed. You all do that, right? And, you’ve gone to the mailbox and…um, walked the dog? Those are things normal people do in pajamas, don’t they?

Of course, I don’t stop there. Yesterday, I split wood in my slippers and snowman pj’s, an almost farcical feat for which there are no pictures, thank the stars. Still in my pajamas, I’ve visited my neighbor to pick up my weekly goat’s milk supply, and on occasion, I’ve stopped in at the post office to mail books. I frequently wear my slippers to meetings. (If they want me to volunteer, they can deal with my choice of footwear, right?) And if I feel the need to dress up all fancy, I change the bottom half into jeans and yank a sweatshirt over the green turtles adorning the top.

I live in the northwest Oregon mountains outside a dinky town where everyone knows everyone else. I get away with this peculiar behavior because I’m a fantasy author. I’m permitted to be a bit eccentric. If they don’t remember me for my books, they’ll remember me as a lunatic. I’m fine either way.

To be honest, the real reason for my overindulgence in sleepwear is that once my little forays into the normal world are accomplished, I can return to my chair, my coffee, and my laptop without missing a beat. Wearing my pajamas is the bridge that keeps me connected to the fantastical side of my imagination. I relegate the outside world to a space between two parentheses, so the stories inside my head can continue unabated. That’s where I prefer to spend my time, and pajamas give me permission to dream.

If you want to check out the books I’ve written in my pj’s, here’s a list:

Myths of the Mirror

The Melding of Aeris


Sunwielder cover

Due out in 2015:

The Bone Wall

The Dragon Soul Trilogy: Eye of Fire, Eye of Blind, Eye of Sun

The Sorcerer’s Garden

Happy Writing!


…now, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, that’s my kinda scribbling lunatic…LUVVED IT, m’Lady, Diana!…

…check out Diana’s Amazon page : http://www.amazon.com/D.-Wallace-Peach/e/B00CLKLXP8/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

…and her terrific blog:  www.mythsofthemirror.com



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…ask not what Blogging can do for yeez… but what yeez can do for Blogging…

…’fess up time… I published on this ‘ere blog about two-and-a-half years ago the major part of the post content below… I’ve tweaked it a wee bit here and there… but the impart carry is just as relevant now that I’m a bit older (but certainly not any wiser) than the first time around…

…first punched out in August 5th, 2012…



…that oft-quoted alphabetic genius, Sam Goldwyn, is credited with coining the phrase, ‘a verbal contract’s not worth the paper it’s written on’… I think the same thing can be said about entries in Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Blogs, and all the other goblin-ish, fiendish, incomprehensible media that has deluged my life since Al Gore told me all these years ago how he’d invented the World Wide Web just for me…they’re just not worth the paper they’re written on…they’re worth much more… what?.. they’re not written on paper? I..I..I..I knew that…but my point is in there somewhere… the worth belongs to the beholder… at the risk of shoehorning some subliminal advertising in here for the credit card industry, social media usage in many cases can be priceless… what value, young sir, would yeez place on camaraderie? or yerself, ma’am, on an affirmatory caressing of your writer’s ego? or, heaven forfend, the chance in a billion that some agent or publisher will catch yer gems across the ether filters and ring today with the ten-book and six-film contracts?… nay, it’s worth more than all of these presents put together… the bond of sharing, of getting on the same wave-lengths (however eccentric, or especially if eccentric, they may prove to be), is glorious reward for the hours, days, months and decades spent ‘working’ on the internet… there exist on here more ‘ships’  than in ten Armadas– Friend-ships, Pal-ships, Buddy-ships, Mate-ships, Etcetera-ships, Etcetera-ships…the message is clear, don’t miss any of these boats—get aboard the networks, join the banter, swap the invisible calling cards across the laptoposphere… be a part of it all… it’s great fun…and if yeez wanna find a little time to do some writing while to ye’re at it, be my guest… I’m just off to find a new carbon paper for my Mac…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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