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…the Author quality that ties it all together… stamina…

…I read once a clever piece in that wunnerful throwback publication, The Readers Digest (emb’dy remember that smashing monthly magazine?)… it was one of those pithy endpiece fillers… it was a ‘FOUND’ advertisement clip from sumb’dy’s local newspaper:


…black kitten with white frontal stripe, white paws and piecing blue eyes, prob’ly about six or seven weeks old—answers to the name, ‘Go Away!’


…and I can’t help relating that sentiment to many of we quill-scrapers… almost daily I see posts from my fellow Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, rueing the fact that, yet again, their Query Letters to prospective Agents and Publishers result in rejection slips… I know, I know, I know, some of yeez might be thinking, ‘it’s okay for him, smaaaht-aaass Master Gallacher, coz he’s got a Publisher now’ (the splendid Crooked Cat Publishing folks, Stephanie and Laurence Patterson)…

CC_logo_PastedGraphic-18_(1)…but let me hasten to point out that I was a totally self-publishing, independent scribbler for almost six years before the Publisher partnership tie-in came along… in fact these days, there’s a strong school of thought that feels being on yer own, self-publishing, p’raps frequently may outweigh the attraction of being ‘housed’… I’m not gonna argue the case either way, coz I see merits in both scenarios… suffice to say, the time I spent on my own was invaluable… I learned the down-to-the-varnish-Facts-of-Life about how the modern Author requires to be immersed in his/her ‘business of writing’… y’see, whether or not yeez are solo or with an Agent/Publisher, the writer is still expected to carry a major part of the marketing and promotional activity… consider the arithmetic… if a Publisher has, say 100-200 authors in their fold, that equates individually to 0.5%-1.0% focus of their energy on each house name, on the p’raps naive presumption all the scribblers are treated equally (a-hem!)… the practicality remains… yer own efforts are still the principal driving force behind yer own success… go for it!… in my not-so-‘umble opinion,the Author quality that ties it all together is stamina… hang in there and remember wee ’Go Away’… meeeeaaaaioowwwww!….see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…bad?… yeah, yeez better believe I’m bad… emb’dy else out there this bad?…

…this ol’ Jurassic crossed the invisible Age Barrier quite a wee while ago… yeez know the one I mean… when yeez have more candles on yer birthday cake than the local Fire Department regulations allow… well, it’s a signal age yeez should watch out for when yeez officially begin to be regarded as ‘bad’… watch the behaviour of most (admittedly not all) of the upcoming generation, and yeez’ll see what I’m getting at… eons of ‘the-right-things-to-do’ have been stamped into my DNA since I was a kid in Docklands Govan in Glasgow… as tough and hard an environment as yeez would find anywhere in the post-WWII UK…


…but, p’raps more with wishful thinking these days, I still expect youngsters to yield their seats on buses and trains for older people and for ladies, as I do myself… the next generation stare at me when I behave like that.. I’m obviously bad’ news… holding doors open for others in places like shops… sorry, unheard of in the main… ‘bad’ again… that’s me… calling waiters/waitresses/taxicab drivers/bus drivers, ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’… with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ thrown in as natural responses… downright criminal… treating police officers, schoolteachers, doctors, nurses and librarians with respect… how bluudy alien can I get?…


…walking on the outside of the pavement/sidewalk when escorting a lady in the street … are yeez completely daft, Master Gallacher?… expecting parents to keep their offspring under reasonable control in public places, supermarkets and shopping malls, instead of allowing their mini-persons to run amok as they wish… and, heaven forfend, Mabel, frowning at the cacophony that passes for supposedly private conversation when mobile telephones are used like megaphones… I recall it used to be known variously by the quaint descriptions of ‘manners’, ‘politeness’, ‘social graces’… alas, my fate seems sealed… today, on a flight from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi, the instant the plane stopped on landing, and the usual nonsensical surge of passengers to pull their bags from the overhead lockers began… the guy across the aisle from me yanked his luggage from above and smacked me square on the skull… instead of the ‘I’m sorry’ which I foolishly anticipated, I was greeted with a wordless scowl… how dare my head be in the way of his baggage?… my ‘bad’… definitely, my ‘bad’…and for the next seven minutes until the plane door actually opened, I remained seated, as is my practice, while most others stood and fumed, including my new assailant who steadfastly kept his back to me… the only way I’ve found to combat this malaise, is to ‘polite’ the hell out of the malcreants… ‘bad’?… yeah, yeez better believe I’m ‘bad’… emb’dy else out there this ‘bad’?



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…Taexali Game… a great new title from Authoress, Nancy Jardine…

…my Crooked Cat Publishing scribbling chum, Authoress Nancy Jardine has sum’thing to share with yeez, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… a new title, no less, and as per her usual terrific background material narratives. this one’s captured stuff and goings-on in the Highlands of Scotland around the year 200 AD… yes, yes, Mabel… I know I could’ve helped her with first hand knowledge of the period…

The Taexali Game officially launches on the 22nd May 2015.

Final Nancy Jardine x 488

Everyone loves playing advanced interactive computer games, don’t they?

Callum Fraser’s games are totally awesome but when his Rubidium Time-Leap flips Aran Bruce and his best friends—Brian and Fianna Fraser—back to AD 210, the reality is incredible. They have a task list to fulfil, which includes solving a local mystery, but it’s a nightmarish business when Ancient Roman Emperor Severus and his legions heap death and destruction on the Taexali Celts of northern Britannia.

Giving help to Celts and Romans alike becomes a lethal assignment—some Celtic chiefs are as foul as Severus and his beastly son Caracalla. Dicing with death becomes the norm for the time travellers from Kintore, Aberdeenshire.

Will they complete the mission and return to Callum unscathed?

The action of The Taexali Game —Book 1 of Nancy Jardine’s Rubidium Time Travel Series of Adventures for Middle Grade/YA readers (and anyone older who loves a good fast-paced yarn)takes place in ‘Aberdeenshire, Scotland’ in AD 210, during the invasion of the legions of Septimius Severus, Emperor of Rome. The local Taexali Celtic tribes of this far north in Britannia have already had dealings with the soldiers of Rome, back in AD 84, but they haven’t been good subjects. They’ve been causing such a lot of grief to the Governor of Britannia that the Ancient Roman Emperor, Septimius Severus, has come to Britannia to flood the north with his super-trained army to teach the wayward Celts a harsh lesson.

During their adventure, Aran and the twins— Brian and Fianna— are initially in awe of the Roman fighting machine but they find Emperor Severus’ is a horrible man. That’s only till they meet the emperor’s son Caracalla who is even nastier. None of them want to be skewered by a Roman gladius or slapped into Roman slave chains but avoiding that fate is nearly impossible.

As well as uncovering the answer to a local contemporary mystery, the time travellers have a task list to fulfil but how can they when the some of the Celts they encounter are just as deadly wielding their Celtic longswords?

This adventure novel is designed as a rollicking good read with the added bonus of being a companion novel to younger readers doing a study of Celtic Roman Britain. There’s a wealth of historical data used in the novel, gleaned from archaeological interpretative information, wrapped up in a fast-paced, readable, adventure mystery quest.

The fantastic cover design is by graphic artist Neil Saddler who has done a great job to encompass the main aspects of the novel- its impact both local and global.

The novel is available across Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

Amazon UK Amazon US  Amazon France   Amazon Canada  Amazon Australia

Amazon Germany

More about Nancy Jardine

nancy 2

Her Celtic Fervour Series of Historical Romantic Adventures (3 books to date) is set in first century AD northern Roman Britain. Book 3 (AD 84) culminates in a horrendous clashing of Celtic Sword and Roman Gladius on the foothills of Beinn Na Ciche (Bennachie) where the amassed Celtic warriors of the north, led by tribal leader Calgach, take on the mighty Roman legions led by General Gnaeus Julius Agricola. Book 2 of the Celtic Fervour Series was in the long list of books read for THE WALTER SCOTT PRIZE FOR HISTORICAL FICTION 2014.

Nancy Jardine also writes contemporary mystery romantic fiction which gives her the opportunity to include fabulous world wide locations in her novels—Amsterdam, Vienna, Heidelberg, Barcelona to name only a few. She has also had great fun using her love of ancestry research when creating the family trees for two of her contemporary mysteries. Take Me Now, a humorous mystery/thriller will be re-launched by Crooked Cat Publishing on the 5th June 2015. Topaz Eyes, a mystery /thriller was a Finalist in THE PEOPLE’S BOOK PRIZE 2014.

Please contact Nancy/ or find updates on her writing at these author links:   Twitter @nansjar Facebook: and (for The Rubidium time Travel Novels.) email:

Amazon Author page for books and to view book trailer videos:


Most novels are also available from Barnes and Noble; W. H.;; Smashwords; TESCO Blinkboxbooks; and various other ebook stores.


All are welcome to pop into the official Facebook Event that’s on-line to launch the novel on Friday 22nd May. Participate in fun quizzes featuring Celts and Romans and win a novelty prize. The grand prize of a signed paperback of The Taexali Game could be yours, or if you only read on kindle a few review e-copies will also be on offer as prizes.

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…Farley’s Rusks, tinned strawberries, and milk… dessert for a King in Docklands Govan…

…we’re a nation of eclectic taste, we Scots… taste in different things… fashion buffs fr’example… the wearing of tartan kilts for the Male Caledonian has been going on for centuries … yes, Mabel, even before that Mel Gibson lad changed his nationality and made yon Braveheart movie, the greatest advertisement for the Scottish National Party… the invention of wellington boots is down to the ‘Chookie’ Wellington (Eng: Duke of Wellington), but the wearing of ‘wellies’, these great feet-protectors for sludging through ‘glabber’ puddles (Eng: mud pools), is an art perfected by wee Jimmies and wee Nellies up and down Scotland’s fair land… and contrary to common belief, we did not invent rain… the Big Lad upstairs carries the can for that one… but where our taste defeats, defies and dements the rest of the WURLD, is in food… haggis is held in equal measure of respect and trepidation by outsiders… the delicacy known as Fried Mars Bars, the pension-pot builder for heart surgeons everywhere, was born in Scotia… square sausage, Forfar Bridies, whisky… pots of soup, with ingredients added to daily for months until no-one remembers what the original dish was s’posed to be (nor cares)… however, an esoteric kitchen composition which I rarely sight these days, found its genesis in the old days in Docklands Govan where we lived in Glasgow… milkruskstrawb







….acknowledge if yeez will, the genius of cuisine invention that brings together baby biscuits, normally intended for teething toddlers, brand name, Farley’s Rusks… place in a bowl… pour in some of the contents of a tin of strawberries… (back then, we all thought strawberries grew in cans, Mabel), with the delectable syrupy juice from the can… then yeez mix in a wee splash of milk, either condensed, or plain… nectar.. ambrosia… a veritable dessert for a King… for a small fee this ol’ Jurassic’s prepared to share these culinary secrets with the Cookery Champions, Messrs Roux, Ramsay  and Oliver… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…once more unto the telephonic barricades, comrades… vive la voice!…


…it’s a jingle jungle out there… which is why this ol’ Jurassic is more than happy to stay indoors most of the time… but even within the comparative security of one’s own domestic dominion, peril lurks… it’s an open secret that yours truly was born a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong time past, when stuff generally was a lot simpler… and specifically, stuff like making a straight-forward telephone call to yer favourite service provider of anything… back then, yeez usually got an instant, welcoming, melodious, female, ‘come-to-bed-with-me’ kinda voice saying, ‘…ah, that’ll be Mister Bert in Haberdashery.. let me put yer call through, Sir’… and moments later, the helpful Mister Bert would indeed solve yer issues in less time than it takes to say, ‘hold on, yer call’s important to us’… changed days now, I fear… case in point this morning… from the relative safety of my own armchair, yet another assault on my patience, nerves, and anxiety levels… the Satanic, tinny, squeak that  passes for a vocal communication ordered me to press this button and that button and then a hundred and one other buttons to ensure that I am now familiar with every possible division and supposed service available from the organisation I’ve just called… this time it happened to be a bank, but don’t be fooled, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… the disease is everywhere… IT companies have it as a terminal affliction, and it’s infectious… I think yeez catch it through yer listening ear… cable television providers, credit card companies, mortgage lenders… they’re all smitten… a pal on another line suggested I merely press the ‘zero’ button to get through to a ‘real’ voice immediately… alas, the b*stards are wise to that now, and the tapping of the ‘O’ frequently gives yeez the ‘thank you for yer call, goodbye’… and yeez are compelled to gird yer digital loins and dial again…


…there’s a fortune waiting for the person who devises a button which, when yeez press it, automatically detonates a nuclear-fission-style explosion effect on whatever company is at the other end of the robotic line… evil? yes, but a sublimely happy thought… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…of all the blog joints in all the webs in all the WURLD, why would yeez walk into mine?… an open invitation to Guest Blog…


Master Bogart was marginally better placed than this ol’ Jurassic in his ability to ponder why emb’dy should ‘walk into his joint’… so, when I come again to print here with my regular ‘throw-out’ invitation to all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land to consider Guest Posting in my wee Blog pages, p’raps it’s best I lay out what I have to extend to yeez that clearly were not available to our Humph

1. …‘Casablanca’ admittedly has its rightful place in the annals of cinematic favourites through the years since it first screened in 1942, but, it was done in black and white… my Blog offers yeez a range of colours that would do Lady Gaga proud…

2. …there would only be one ’take’… yeez won’t be expected to loll around in a smoky, smelly film studio for days on end, doing gazillions of retakes… straight onto the web with yer stuff…

3. …there’s a vast SOSYAL NETWURKIN diaspora at my fingertips… under no stretch of the imagination was Bogey ever considered ’SOSYAL’

4. …my range of ‘the usual suspects to round up’ is arguably more extensive than those in the 1942 movie…

5. …if ‘Sam’ ain’t here to ‘play it’— there’s unlimited access to me to append clips from wunnerful Auntie YouTube to augment any musical requirements to grace yer Guest Posts…

6. …I can have yeez mix with a better class of criminal… I know tons of old lags who’ve been frequently locked up in Facebook Jail

….half a dozen irrefutably undeniable reasons for yeez to climb aboard… but wait, there’s more to offer, Mabel… the standard ‘NO ROOLS’ ROOL other than a ban on gratuitously offensive material, means yeez have total licence on content, length, pics, cover pages, buying links, bio… yer own call… throw yer emails at me on see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…ooooops… looks like I’m in real trouble now…






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