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…Authors… the phrase, ‘that’s not my job’, is NOT part of yer lexicon…

…no matter how much research yeez employ, it’s unlikely yeez will find records of the likes of Billy Shakespeare, Enid Blyton or Chuck Dickens having to do their own artWURK, or distribution channel placement for their masterpieces… nor the copy-editing, proof-reading or bookstore signings… changed days indeed… the modern wannabe classic scribblers are obliged to have more arrows in the things-yeez-have-to-do-yerselves quiver…

bbbbbb…at the last count, I’ve managed to find an assortment of operational obligations required to get yer books out there… and this holds for whether yeez are an independent self-publishing stoic or shepherded by either/or an Agent (a what thing??) or a real-live Publisher (they do exist)… but this ol’ Jurassic is fortunate (?) in having found a person for each function, viz:

writing the bluudy thing in the first place… er, that’ll be me..

initial editing…. that’s down to, well… me again…

copy-tracking for plot holes…. I’m the one who does that…

proofreading… I’m yer Huckleberry on that one, too…

organising cover artwork…. hmmm… aye, that’s yours truly…

coordinating with eBook channels such as the Great God Amazon… myself’ll do that…

price-setting… who else, but Moi?…

SOSYAL NETWURKIN activity to ‘build yer platform’… cloning of oneself would be a plus…

marketing programming… nobody but I…

continual promotional pitching… self, again…

bookstore signings… only the Author can do it…

Guest Speaking to generate interest in yer wee literary babies… who can do it better than?…

just about anything else that impacts the entire business of being a successful quill-scraper… yer mirror shows yeez who’s best for that…


but the employment terms are terrific… I’m permitted to invent 36-hour days… indulge in constant cerebral debates with my fictional (?) characters… allowed to feast on chocolate biscuits and Diet Cokes in lieu of lunch/dinner/supper/breakfast/oh-is-it-that-time-already?… eternal nibbly picnics amongst the laptop keys… and d’yeez know what?… I’m LUVVIN IT!… emb’dy else amongst yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land relate?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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On the Chaise Longue with Vanessa: an Interview with Author @seumasgallacher

Seumas Gallacher:

…great fun being on the remarkably comfortable chaise lounge chez my Crooked Cat Publishing Author pal, Vanessa Couchman…


Originally posted on Vanessa Couchman, author:

On the Chaise Longue with Vanessa: an Interview with Author @seumasgallacher

Author Seumas Gallacher Author Seumas Gallacher

My guest today is a man who moves seamlessly between a career as an international businessman and that of a successful author. He’s also generous with his time and promotes other authors unstintingly. He’s the kind of person who’d be an asset as a guest at any party. Just read his blog: you’ll see what I mean.

View original 817 more words


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…no, Authors… yeez don’t have to do stuff PERFECTLY… just do it!…

…it’s prob’ly one of the most widely-known non-secrets amongst those of yeez who know me well… my tag of, ‘this ol’ Jurassic’ refers not just to my belly-button age, but to my self-confessed ineptitude in all matters compoooter… gadgets, machines, things-to-fiddle-with-to-make-them-WURK, are all as Churchill’s famous ‘riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’ to me…

com…my wee gray cells are steadfastly set against even the merest comprehension of how to deal with such things… and yet, Mabel, here I sit, the proud producer of three Jack Calder crime thrillers, and one more title currently WURK-in-Progress… I manage an almost daily blog… my direct SOSYAL NETWURK connections muster 20,000+ …and I have more internet pals and scribbling buddies than yeez can throw a laptop at… I still recall in flashbacks of terror the day I pressed a coupla buttons, and three months of hard-crafted writing disappeared from the page… just like that… gone!… vamos!… my WURLD stood still… I couldn’t speak… then sumb’dy stepped forward, tapped a different pair of keys, and voila!, the masterpiece-in-process reappeared… a rough, tough, horrific way to learn… but it was part of the education… much of the rest of my journey through the Magical Mystery Tour that is the Web has been kinda similar…


…‘try it and see’ became the ever-present motto… what doesn’t meet with success gets binned, and sum’thing else gets tried… slowly, oh, so slowly, I’m catching on… how to link my blogposts to the various channels… yeez would laff yer socks off at me if yeez knew how long that lot took… how to copy different attachments from emails … simple, huh?… not to this fellow it wasn’t… but, here’s the point… trial and error, more trial and even more error, eventually gave way to an operating rhythm that gets me there… so, my advice to iccomputerites like me, especially quill-scrapers…  yeez don’t have to do stuff PERFECTLY… just do it!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…a very special Lady graces my blog today… Authoress and Poetess Supreme… Rohini Sunderam…

…at the risk of repeating previous blog openings, I’m the most fortunate of bloggers inasmuch as my terrific Guests come from all corners, and in all guises… since this ol’ Jurassic arrived in Bahrain, I was invited to join the excellent Bahrain Writers Circle

bahrain wrters circle

…started a few years ago by Robin Barratt, who still offers great support from his home base these days back in the UK, the group has gone from strength to strength on the broad and willing administrative shoulders of David Hollywood and Rohini Sunderam… David is an accomplished Poet in his own right, and may appear at some time on this ‘ere blog…. meantime, the effervescent Rohini offers splendid illumination to my page… let me stand aside and allow her to speak for herself and her unique CORPOETRY collection…


From Corporate Laughter to Corpoetry

Rohini Sunderam

This collection of poems came into being by a chance remark made by a colleague when I was working as a copywriter in the advertising department of the regional newspaper The Chronicle-Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The chairman of our company happened to visit our department – which was located in the industrial park in the neighbouring twin-town of Dartmouth – and he was being given a tour by our department head.

We all knew that the ‘Big Chief’ was calling on the Advertising Director but he rarely walked around the floor. So we were all quite relaxed. I happened to be standing and chatting with one of the senior designers – was it work related, I can’t recall. It probably was, initially, but we’d wandered off into other more interesting subjects than work when clear across the floor we heard our boss’ forced laughter. The kind of ‘ha ha hah’ that you know means he’s laughing at said big boss’ rather tame joke. That prompted my colleague to comment, “Ah! Corporate laughter.”

Simultaneously I noticed quite clearly that everyone on the floor started to look busier than usual. People slouching in front of their computers straightened their backs. Casual conversations were cut off with an official sounding, “So when do you need it?” The other colleague understood and gave some equally officious response. Folk ambling along to the water cooler or kitchen walked right by and headed back to their cubicles or desks.

In the meantime that phrase ‘Corporate Laughter’ started bouncing around in my head like a squash ball that’s been whacked hard against the wall and missed by the opponent. I couldn’t concentrate on the headline and copy until I’d written ‘Corporate Laughter’ out of my system with a short poem that repeats what I’ve just said with the added suspicion that the Chairman was quite astute and saw through our ‘acting busy’ charade. In fact it ends with:

While the chairman of the company

Stifles signs of sharp intuition

And lets those other little signs pass by

At least, just for today.

That should have been that. Most times for me, when the subject of a poem has been exorcised with a poem, it’s gone and doesn’t bother me again and I can get on with more meaningful real work. This one didn’t.

I began to see and hear things and become aware of situations that prompted another and yet another poem. Before I knew it I had twenty-five poems dealing with life in a corporate situation. Simultaneously I began to doodle using the built-in clip art that came with Windows back in the early 1990s.

I didn’t do anything with the poems or the illustration but I’d look at them once in a while, (they’d gone from being saved on a floppy disc to my hard drive to a flash drive) and have a chuckle. Then I came back to Bahrain and shared the poems with Linda, my friend and erstwhile colleague at the advertising agency where I worked.

She thought they were “awesome”. And she offered to illustrate them for me, while urging me to find a publisher. Initially I approached a Canadian publisher, because some of the poems were very Canadian. They were very encouraging and asked to see a manuscript. They liked what they saw but said I needed to bump up the number of poems to fifty at least.

In Bahrain I saw even more opportunities to write more poems on the subject.

I re-did the very Canadian poems and made them more universally relatable. Unfortunately the Canadian publisher decided to pass – they were small and traditional and published only limited titles. Fortunately in my search I came across Ex-L-Ence Publishing in the UK and they decided to go for it.

Corpoetry is available here:

Reviews may be read here:

And here:

Rohini has been typically modest in her piece above, but let me share with yeez, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, a little more about this enchanting Lady…

Rohini has been an advertising copywriter for more than 30 years. She has written ad copy – for films, radio, and print- in India, Bahrain and Canada. Two books were commissioned assignments as part of her professional work. Her articles and stories have been published in The Statesman, Calcutta, India; The Globe and Mail, Canada and The Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada.

She also edits and manages a blog ‘Home The Clock Struck One’ ( for her brother who had a stroke a few years ago and a blog of personal writing and interests: And she is an active member of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle. (SG editing here : for ‘active member of,’ read, ‘she is one of the people who constitute the personal glue that keeps the Bahrain Writers Circle as enjoyable and friendly a writers’ gathering as it is… )

Rohini’s writing credits include the following:

  • Corpoetry, a collection of light hearted poems about corporate life published December 2014 by Ex-L-Ence Publishing, UK.
  • A contributor to the anthologies:
    • My Beautiful Bahrain (Published in 2012 by Miracle Publishing, Bahrain)
    • More of My Beautiful Bahrain (2014 Robin Barratt Publishing).
    • Poetic Bahrain (Published 2015 by Robin Barratt Publishing)
  • A poem was selected for publication in the international competition Poetry Rivals (Published by Remus House, UK) 2012.
  • Her short story Your rebirth, My death was short listed in The Atlantis Short Story Contest 2013.
  • Her 50-word short story was the winner in a competition held by Oapschat, UK
  • She has participated in The Colours of Life an annual poetry festival held in 2012, 2013 and 2015

Connect with the Lady on

twitter       : @Corpoetry

Facebook :

…thanks for sharing, m’Lady, Rohini… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…it’s time for PROPER change… give the running of the WURLD to the under-eight-year-olds…

…there has always been a constant undercurrent of thought that this ol’ Jurassic possesses the IQ of an infant… on that score, I’d gladly accept that as a major compliment… the more I watch and listen… well not so much ‘listen’, more like, ‘suffer to hear’, the endless political parties’ garbage machines (read ‘spin doctors’ production’), the more I’m convinced that the wrong people are in charge of the WURLD… it matters not if yeez live in ‘Merika, the UK, or anywhere else in Yourope… clearly, the levels of insanity that permeate parliamentary, congressional and other forums for ‘country and international management’ have reached the ultimate in non-WURKIN… changed days since Plato and the lads in the Ancient Greek times ROOLED with such sensible authority… as of today, I wish to launch a new arrangement to monitor, oversee and administer the Affairs of State for the entire planet…

kids 1

…applications will be sought from individuals who have not yet attained the age of eight… the Manifesto yeez will be expected to run with will include:

1. …mandatory milk and cookies at 2 p.m. daily…

2. …equally mandatory is the universal taking of naps immediately following the milk and cookies gorgement…

3. …all-day playtime will consist of unbounded access to toys and games, and helping each other to enjoy yerselves…

4. …ALL MOBILE DEVICES SUCH AS iPHONES, BLACKBERRIES, iPADS, and other similar rubbish will form the content of a succession of HUGE bonfires with attendant fireWURKS displays…

5. …educational equipment will spin around good stuff like unlimited coloured crayons, drawing books…

6. … school qualifying examinations and tests will be abolished…

7. …proficiency will be targeted toward whoever can sing Nursery Rhymes the LOUDEST… singing in tune is much to be discouraged…

8. …a WURLD President will be elected every three months, and the incumbent must not be older than 5 years…

…other ROOLS will be made and implemented in no particular order…

kids 2

…there… that’s that sorted out… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…AWA Ladies to the left of me, AWA Ladies to the right of me… well, sumb’dy’s gotta step up to the plate!…


…this ol’ Jurassic has faced some fierce situations in the past… eating Mars Bars without frying them first, fr’example… but never let it be said of me that I shirked the tough assignments…

12this week’s schedule had me down as Guest Speaker at the American Women’s Association (AWA) in Bahrain… easy-peasy, yeez might mutter… oh, yeah?… consider for a moment being the only male amongst more than 120 persons of the opposite gender… and not just any ol’ bunch of assorted ladies… these are the movers and shakers of female expatriate society in Bahrain… and a formidable crew they present… and, please note well, I was clad in my best kilt, sporran, leather brogues, befitted with the only armament, my trusty ‘sgian dubh’ (the dark knife, tucked surreptitiously into the top of my right-hand kilt sock, usually as defence against irascible editors)… my demeanour must have silently transmitted the message to the assembled gathering, ‘please… pretty please… be gentle with me… I’m just a wannabe Iconic Author’… I need not have worried, the Ladies of the AWA were in their kindest communal acceptance of a skulking male specimen… albeit an author with a soupçon of SOSYAL NETWURKIN knowledge to impart… I cannot recall a more enjoyable morning’s presentation… the generosity of their reception was ‘umbling, Mabel… just bluudy ‘umbling… 34the Q and A was insightful (they had actually listened!)… ‘Selfie City’ presided throughout the proceedings, with prob’ly more photo-ops for me with assorted AWA people than a Lady Gaga carnival… the off-take for my signed masterpieces was highly gratifying… and I know I’ve made a bundle of new friends that I sincerely hope to meet again… to all concerned from Dr Sana, Lisa, Diana, Robin, Acasia, and so many others whose welcome made a happy man feel very old, my grateful appreciation for asking me to yer event… when’s the next one!!!!?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…scribbler pal, Author Shawn Griffith’s looking for a wee bit of feedback…

…listen up, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… my pal, Author Shawn Griffith is currently engaged in an interesting project, collating feedback on that most elusive of dimensions—’character’… have a wee look, and give him a hand…


From Shawn Griffith
Can We Upgrade Society’s Conscience?
Thanks for your attention and for Master Gallacher sharing his blog with me. I need your help. I am writing a book about character and why it’s important to every single one of us in society. It is important to recognize, encourage and promote good character traits and behaviors. What I need from you is a minute or two of your time to take a very short survey to answer the question What is important to you? I humbly appreciate your consideration and thoughts.  The purpose of the book is to encourage all of us to upgrade society’s conscience. I cannot change the world. I cannot even change you. All I can do is change myself and hope that any small influence I manage to exert upon society is a good one.  Again, thanks for your time.
Survey Link:

 ….cheeeeers, Shawn… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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