…suff’rin’ from Writers Blog?…never had a dose o’ that…oh, y’mean Writers Block?..Na!…#TBSU…

…well, here we are, Mabel…whizzing thought the first twelfth of the year…Christmas came…went…New Year’s Eve came…went…so where’s my new book I was supposed to be writing?…it’s on the way… patience…I’ve found this new gimmick  (at least for me , its new…)…when the Berlin Wall of Authoring looms in the way of laptop output…switch the medium…(No, Mabel, not the lassie wi’ the ouija board…the medium of writing…) instead of sweating blood from the beaten brow on the novel, switch to doin’ yer Blog…the things I’ve discovered on here, doing this Blog, is rather than diverting my efforts on getting the next novel finished…instead, it stimulates the little grey cells  by short sharp bursts of writing like this piece…try it…if ye get stuck on the tome, switch to doing a Blog… if ye get stuck on the Blog…switch to writing more of the novel…What’s that, Mabel? what if ye get stuck on both?…now, now , settle down, don’t be awkward now…if THAT happens, just write some more Blogs To Follow for yer mates in Blogland, here’s some :

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs To Follow:









Enjoy, pass along, share….

And if that’s not enough, ye can always download my Kindle collection of Blogs thus :


UK: http://amzn.to/W58SzQ

USA: http://amzn.to/UNjx1M


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8 responses to “…suff’rin’ from Writers Blog?…never had a dose o’ that…oh, y’mean Writers Block?..Na!…#TBSU…

  1. Andy

    . . .or write a short story about your novel characters.

  2. Or you could simply write a different part of the story and then go back to the bit you were blocked at.

  3. I do short stories and a blog. Nice work and advice Mr. Gallacher as usual.

  4. Or write a decent book review — nothing like dissecting a book to teach you how to write one. In fact, that’s the subject of my next Wednesday’s blog :)

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